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The child grows, and in his life appear nursery rhymes and fables. Stories exist in the people long ago, but folk art stores is the best, gradually adeeva all unnecessary. The difference lies from jokes and pastuszek that they are not associated with any of the movements, but in him there is some fabulous or fantastic story. This is a picture of the animal life, or a short story, expanding the knowledge of the child about the world. Songs and tales and turncoats that help the child to understand the real and the fantastic, strengthen child in the correct perception and sense of peace. Young children (under 3 years) perceived paradoxes as reality. Stories are intended for children who already have enough life experience to feel the paradox of the described situation. Read these verses promotes freedom of thought, imagination and, most importantly, sense of humor. It is important that the baby has heard the voice of the adult surprise and realized that something incredible happens.. Investing in familiar with a new meaning, turning everything upside down, the child learns it is better to operate with concepts, promotes freedom of thought, imagination and most importantly, learns to understand the humor.
For an adult it is defended, and for the child - funny stories about what does not happen. When the child discovers regularities of the world, new concepts, he begins to play these concepts, because through the game to learn about the world.

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Nand the swamp is a stump
He had not bothered to move.
The neck is not turning,
But want to laugh.

The alert was
Everyone in the hut RoboTask
To prazdnichek gave:
A Cup of dog washes language,
Mouse collects crumbs under the window,
On the table my foot paw scraping,
Malovichko chicken broom sweeps.

O, sitting on the mountain ash,
Paço the zhivotinku,
And that zhivotinku for winches gone.
"Where winches?
The water washed away.
- And where's the water?
The bulls had a drink.
"Where are the bulls?
In the cane left.
- Where cane?
- The girls broke out.
- Where are the girls?
The men went out.
"Where are the men?
In Kazan gone.
"Where Kazan?
- Kazan burned.

Onx disaster happened:
Lit water.
Held party
Soldiers retired.
Retired soldiers Taras
Fire river spas,
The fire is put out,
A reputation earned:
"Taras gray
Stewed water beard!"

P>avoska flew,<br>
The feathers were dropped.<br>
- Who are the feathers?<br>
- Rodima Vovochka.<br>
- On what he feathers?<br>
- The cap should go.<br>
- What is the cap?<br>
- Grandpa to give.<br>
Give Vova porridge<br>
In the red bowl,<br>
Bread, a hunk,<br>
Honey the tub,<br>
Donuts, cakes,<br>
Pork legs.</p>
<p><img src=eat gnats under costock,
The fir tree on the penechke,
He dropped his feet on the sand,
I stuck my nose under the leaf -

Withedit protein on the trolley,
Sells it nuts:
The Fox sister,
The Sparrow, sinicki,
Bear tolstopiatenko,
Saince mustache.
Who in the handkerchief,
Anyone Sobek,
Who in the honey.

Withletalis all birds:
Eyes screwed up;
The crow-the bride
Sat on the place.
Only there is no groom.
Call of the rooster?

WithTory rabbit hay mows,
But the Fox body.
Fly hay, who is,
And the mosquito throws.
Drove to the barn -
From who fly shouted:
"In the attic I will not go,
From there I fall,
Nosenko will break,
I'll be lame".

Withtuks-knock, look at the gate:
True, a visiting someone:
Rides the whole family,
Ahead is a pig.
Harp goose configured,
And cock with the pipe.
The cat and the dog was surprised -
Even reconciled.

ancial turnip with poppy seeds,
And parsley Pasternak,
Corn with garlic,
Our Tanya with the Cossack.
And carrots didn't want
Dance, dance,
Because she could not
To dance, to dance.

Yan-shadow, poteen,
Above the town the fence.
Sat beasts under the fence.
Popularise all day:
Pokhvalilsya Fox:
- All the light I am the glory!
Boasted Bunny:
- Come on, catch me here!
Boasted Jerzy:
We have coats good!
Boasted bear:
- Songs I can sing!

koska in basket
Went on the track.
Dog lycke pouncival,
Bear on a chain broke,
Agathon on the stove obovata.

RAH-tah, tarrah,
Traveling mouse on the hedgehogs.
"Wait a prickly hedgehog,
More unbearable to go,
Very inject you, hedgehog!

ur, round, shepherd,
Guelder rose Podarok.
Where are you summer has Litovel,
Where do you winter wintered?
- The Tsar in Moscow,
In Golden Bay.
- What is the king doing? -
Tour note writes,
The girl breathes.
"Maiden, maiden,
Go and bring water.
I wolf Bouse.
- Wolves at work,
Owl in the swamp.
- Avanika, Avanika,
Lomachenko legs,
Begley on the track.
Popovs boys
Peas threshed,
The flails broke,
In the barn left,
In chicken Popoli.
As of the chicken pen
Under Ivanovo village.

u-Tu, Tu-Tu, Tu-Tu, Tu,
Sitting crow on the oak
He plays the trumpet.
The pipe is machined, gold-plated.
Kuzma lapotko weaves,
In balalaika igrat.
Balalaika good
Cakes baked.
From the window primacy.
The boy came -
Burned finger,
Came the old man -
Burned his tongue.
Foreign ministries, foreign ministries, MIDI,
Go for Mikadoi.
Mikitka't like
Boots will not buy -
Buy the Slippers,
They are Nevelsky.
Pop out of cadence,
Vitrosit eyes.
Sheep from under the stove
With big eyes,
With sharp horns.
The village of Baba RAM
Rode through the mountains.
- Not you, Baba, not ride,
Give my cakes.

Our Harrier,
The beloved friend,
Forty tubs
Salted frogs,
Forty barns
Dry cockroaches,
Pigs -
Only the legs hanging.

W you Grandmother Yaga,
Perishible leg.
Anyone who persib?
- Sapanski man.
- More than to heal?
- Couplem soak.
Hemp is bursting,
Sparrow chirps.
Little of datarock
Took the wand,
Knocked at the Board,
Went to Moscow,
Bought a comb,
Scratching His Matrenko,
Matrenin braid
Strapped to the nose.

W you Vasenka, PAL,
You don't run around on the lawn,
On steep on the shore.
Your mouse will eat,
Or swallow,
Or greyish top
Due to Kostochka,
White dog
From under Mostecka.

WLa hut on the bridge
And waved his tail,
Caught on the railing,
Right in the river hit.
In the river the noise in the river bells!
Who does not believe - come forth!

Wif the rams on the road,
Wet in a puddle.
One, two, three, four, five,
Steel legs to wipe,
Who handkerchief,
Who cloth,
Who leaky glove.

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