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Nursery rhymes on a parent's lap


The child sits in mom's lap. I want it to entertain, to shake. For this long-standing nursery rhymes, soprovojdaemye rocking the baby on his knees. End they all "fall" of the character - at these words need to "drop" the baby between her knees slightly parted. Just not very sharp, so the baby was not afraid! This game can be stimulated and motivation in children: when you are finished tell potesky, stop and make indifferent face. Let the kid if he liked her movements, squirm encourages you to try potesse!

InAnya-Vania, simplicity,
Bought a horse without a tail,
Sat backwards
And went into the garden.

Edem-ride on horse
The track is smooth-smooth.
Visit us called Princess
To eat pudding sweet.
Two dogs at a threshold
We were told very strictly...
How dogs say? Woof-woof!
(To repeat, changing animals at the threshold,
while the child will not get bored:
(Twin cat - meow-meow!
Two dogs - woof-woof!
Two duck - quack-quack!
Two chicken - pee-pee-pee!
Two calf - Mu! Mu!
Two sheep - Bay! Bay!
Two kid - Mei! The Mei!
Two frogs - kwa-kwa!)

Edo food for Baba to the grandfather
On a horse in a red cap,
On a flat track
On one leg,
In the old lotocki
The ruts, bumps,
Straight ahead
And then... in the pit!

EHal boy little
On the gray horse -
On a smooth track,
On a smooth track,
Over bumps, the bumps,
On potholes, bumps,
Right in the pit - wham!

EHal pan, pan, pan,
Drove myself, myself, myself
On a flat track, flat track,
Over bumps, the bumps -
Buch in the hole!

Echallah lady
On a smooth track,
Over bumps, the bumps -
Yes Boo!

EKhali, rode,
To Baba for nuts,
In the hole - wham!
And there is a rooster.

EKhali, went,
In the woods for nuts.
In the hole - Buch, and there is a rooster.

(Plant baby on his knees to face me
and repeat the actions of the poem.)

CIKE gray sits and wiggles ears -
Like that, and ears twitching.
Sainika froze to sit - it laponite warm -
So, here it is laponite warm.
Sainika tired to stand - we hare to jump -
So, here it is hare to jump.
(your feet up and down)
Bunny wolf saw - Bunny quickly ran away!
(razvivaem knees and kid falling into a hole)

(toss the baby on her lap,
changing the amplitude according to the text)

P>Poehali with nuts<br>
On barrel, barrel<br>
On a flat track,<br>
Over bumps, the bumps.<br>
The gullies, ravines,<br>
On potholes, bumps,<br>
On a high hill,<br>
In a hole Buch! </p>
<p><img src=Kok-pokok!
Young drozdek,
The water went
Molodichku found.
Itself with a couple of inches,
Head with a pot.
Shu-you! Flew,
On the head and sat down!

Tri-TA-Touche-Ki! Three TA-Touche-Ki!
Going Masha on the pillow!
The pillow top!
Wham! With pillows wrong!

Jumping frog
On a steep hill,
Where Egor
Wham! - rolled!
The hill fell!

Xirrigating road,
A good road.
Here was something worse
Here was something worse.
Salaat, rattled,
Salaat, rattled,
On the bridge, under the bridge,
On the bridge, under the bridge -
Buch in the hole!

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