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Approximately three months the child makes an important discovery - he notices his hands. He begins to consider them, watching how they move, finds that handles you can grab objects and tries to do it again and again. Simple games with fingers and palms of the child to help him in this study, reveal new opportunities. They not only brought him great pleasure, give love and care, but also contribute to the development of intellect and speech. Our great-grandmothers didn't know, but apparently intuitively felt. Finger games, who invented the nurse in past centuries, develop at the same time the coordination of movements and speech, as centers of the brain responsible for these activities are linked. Children who regularly play finger games, on average, begin to speak two months earlier than those kids that parents in such games do not play.

(thumb and forefinger
to represent points)

B>abuse put on her glasses<br>
And grandson saw.</p>
<p><img src=Udut fingers to get up,
Our babies to wear.
Got fingers - hurrah!
Dress up time for us.

(hide thumb in fist)
Wake up, smile.
(knock on his fist with a finger of a child)
Tuk-tuk, tuk-tuk.
Roly-poly here!
(The thumb out of the fist)

(keep your hand vertically
and as if marching on the fingers)

This house is five stories:
The first lives a family of hedgehogs,
On the second lives a family of bunnies,
The third family of red squirrels,
On the fourth living with Chicks tit,
On the fifth owl is a very smart bird.
Well, it is time for us to back down:
On the fifth owl,
On the fourth tit,
The young are on the third,
The rabbit - second,
On the first urchins, we shall visit.

(Clap handles child,
the last words
the handle is put on the head.)

GUli ghouls flew,
On the head and sat down.
Kish, Kish.

- GWuxi, geese!
- Ha-ha-ha
- There is a want?
- Yes-Yes-Yes!
- Fly home!
The gray wolf under the mountain!
Quickly ate
And flew!
(Last words
waving handles child.)

("pasinelli" in the right ear)
Walking a cat with a bell.
The mouse was immediately heard.
(hand to left ear)
Ding-Dong, Ding-Dong.
Quickly in mink escaped
("run" fingers on the table)
Ding-Dong, Ding-Dong.
Shut the door firmly.
(hid his hands under the table)
Ding-Dong, Ding-Dong.
Don't catch them now.
(wag finger)
Ding-Dong, Ding-Dong.

(to depict the tree as it says in potest)
ELCA quickly obtained,
If the fingers are concatenated.
Lokodi you raise,
Fingers you dissolve.

(Palms touching,
the word "opened" is revealed as the book)

CIcke book found
And opened and read,
And closed, all was forgotten.
And again opened,
And all repeated,
And closed again forgot.

Andvan-big - chop some wood,
VAS'ka-pointer - to carry water,
Teddy bear-medium - stove to heat,
Grishka-the orphan - the porridge cook,
And baby Timoska - songs to sing,
Songs to sing and dance,
Siblings to entertain.

(index finger
lead by the hand)

KASCO cooked,
Spoon prevented,
The doll is fed,
The cat gave.

Kstreets folded,
Cams beat:
Tuk-tuk, tuk Yes tuk,
Tuk-tuk, tuk Yes tuk.
(knock fists together)

(Clap handles child,
the last words
the handle is put on the head.)

To>wrecka - potatosack,<br>
Cuckoo - rabushka.<br>
Sat, ate,<br>
Beyond the sea flew.</p><p><img src=agosci-palms,
Clapped her hands,
Clapped her hands,
(clap hands)
Let's rest a bit.
(hands on knees).

(Fingers clenched in a fist)
- Mboy-finger,
Where have you been?
(straight thumb)
- With this brother went to the woods,
(bends index)
With this brother soup was cooked,
(straight average)
With this brother ate porridge,
(bends unnamed)
With this brother sing.
(straight little finger)

(hands shaking in front of you)
M>s today drew,<br>
Our fingers are tired.<br>
We have a little rest,<br>
To draw again will begin.</p>
<p><img src=yli soap ears,
(depicted as we my ears)
Soaps soap legs,
(depicted as we my legs)
Ah, what God,
(hands raised above the head)
Patty cake - hands.
(twist your palms over your head)
Navara clover,
Prevented spoon,
(as in "Jay-bird",
finger twist on the palm)

Ah, what God,
Patty cake - hands.
Built palms
(hands depict a house over your head)
House for dolls.
Ah, what God,
Patty cake - hands.
Prilepi hands
(hands go to sleep" under the cheek)
Relax a little.
Ah, what God,
Patty cake - hands.

M>s the cabbage chop-chop,<br>
<i>(alternate movement <br>
direct hands up and down)</i><br>
We the cabbage salt-salt,<br>
<i>(alternately stroking <br>
the fingertips)</i><br>
We the cabbage three-three,<br>
<i>(RUB the Cam on the Cam)</i><br>
We the cabbage click-click.<br>
<i>(to compress and decompress fingers crossed)</i></p>
<p><i>(Clap handles child, <br>
the last words <br>
the handle is put on the head.)</i><br>
<img src=th, Lyuli, Lyuli,
Arrived ghouls,
Oh, flew,
On his head sat.

(large finger connect
alternately with each finger)

- Pwoman boy
Where have you been?
- With this brother
Went to the woods.
With this brother
The soup was cooked,
With this brother
Porridge eaten.
With this brother
Songs were sung!

P>woman fat and big<br>
In the garden plums went<br>
Index with a threshold<br>
Showed him the way,<br>
The middle finger is the most accurate <br>
He knocks plum branch,<br>
Unnamed collects, <br>
And the little-gentleman<br>
In the land of seed plants.</p>
<p><img src= on the forearm, and then on the shoulder of the other hand.)
Spider walked along the line,
And behind him walked the kids.
(Brush freely omitted,
performed shaking movement - a little rain.)

The rain from the sky suddenly poured,
(Clap hands on the table/lap.)
Spiders on the earth washed away.
(Hands the sides are pressed to each other,
fingers splayed,
download hands - the sun is shining.)

The sun began to warm,
(Make movements the same as in the beginning.)
Spider crawls again,
("Spiders" crawling on the head.)
Followed by crawling all the kids,
To take a walk on the branch.

P>the five fingers on your hand<br>
To name just.<br>
First finger - side,<br>
It called BIG.<br>
The second finger is the mentor diligent,<br>
No wonder it is called<br>
Third your finger -<br>
Just in the middle,<br>
Therefore, the AVERAGE<br>
Given his name.<br>
The fourth finger<br>
Name is NAMELESS.<br>
Clumsy he<br>
And stubborn.<br>
Just like in family,<br>
The younger brother is the favorite.<br>
On account of he fifth,<br>
Called PINKIE.</p>    
<p><i>Bend the fingers of the child <br>
and say:</i><br>
<img src=AZ, two, three, four, five,
On the other hand:
One, two, three, four, five.

(Bend fingers one at a time)
PAZ, two, three, four, five
("Go" on the table index
and middle fingers)

We are in the courtyard came to walk.
("Sculpt" the ball with two hands)
Baba snow sculpted,
(Kroasia movement of all fingers)
Birds crumbs fed,
(Lead index finger
right hand on his left hand)

From the hill we then rode,
(Puts her hands on the table on one side,
then the other)

And even in the snow was lying.
(Utrachivaet hands)
Everything is covered with snow when we got home.
(The movement of an imaginary spoon,
hands under the cheeks)

Ate soup and went to bed.

PAZ; two three four five!
Let's fingers to count
Strong, friendly,
All such needs.
On the other hand five:
One, two, three, four, five!
Fingers fast,
Though not very clean!
Many fingers hassle:
Then play Patty cake,
Why then climb into the mouth,
Books are tearing my grandmother...
Redoing all things,
Pulling the tablecloth off the table.
Climb in salt and compote,
And then Vice versa.
Finger-friendly, all right!
(H. Alexandrov)

PAZ, two, three, four, five.
Left toes to walk.
This finger fungus found.
This finger brush was.
This cut.
This is ate.
Well, this is just looked!

PAZ, two, three, four, five!
Want the toes to sleep.
This finger - wants to sleep,
This finger - lay in bed,
This finger a little NAP,
This finger I fell asleep,
This finger is fast asleep.
Hush, hush, don't make a noise!
Fingers you will not!

P><b>ibci </b><br>
<i>(Palms together, slightly rounded. <br>
Running a wavelike motion in the air.)</i><br>
Five small fish played in the river,<br>
<i>(Hands pressed to each other. <br>
Flip them from side to side.)</i><br>
Lay a large log on the sand,<br>
<i>(Palms together and slightly rounded. <br>
They perform
And the fish said, "it is easy to Dive!"
(It is swung closed palms -
negative gesture).

The second said, "As it deeply."
(Hands rotated
the back side of a hand - fish is sleeping.)

And the third said, "I want to sleep!"
Fast download hands - trembling.)
The fourth was a little freezing.
(Wrist connected.
Hands open up and connect - mouth.)

And fifth shouted: "Here the crocodile!
(Fast wave-like motion
closed hands - float away.)

Sail away, so as not swallowed!"

(hold down fingers)
Withedit protein on the trolley,
Sells it nuts:
The Fox sister,
The Sparrow, sinicki,
Bear tolstopiatenko,
Sanke baleen,
Anyone Sobek,
Who in the handkerchief,
Who in the honey.

(Sung during massaica fingers)
Withonysko stood,
"Hello!" - said.
Hey! Brother, dude, Wake the neighbors!
Get Up The Highway!
Rise Of Akasaka!
Get Up The Middle!
Sawai Orphan!
And crumb-Matroska!
Hello, palm!

Baking grandmother cheesecake.
Grandma buns baked -
Water were flowing across the floor.
Drink-eat, .
Shu - fly!
Wider-wider flew,
Head to Lena sat!

White kitty soft paws.
But on each foot claws-corapci!
(Poglazhival fingers touching.
Then alternately patting it with a soft brush,
the hard brush).

Tro has come. The sun has come up.
"Hey, brother Theodore,
Wake up the neighbors!
"The Highway!
"Come On, Pointer!
"Get Up, The Heart!
"Come On, Orphan!
- And Crumb-Matroska!
"Hello, Palm!
All stretched and woke up.

Our grandmother
Ten grandchildren:
Two Amalki SOPAC in the cradle,
The two Arinci sleeping on the furthermore,
Two Alenka look of the diaper,
Two of Ivan sit on benches,
Two Stepan want to learn.
Ten grandchildren, and a grandmother of one.

Hour brother high Yes fine,
Stick together, and the fifth on the sidelines.
But just for the work you have to take,
Four calling the fifth brother.

Porridge cooked,
Guests Manila,
Children fed:
This gave,
This gave,
This gave,
This gave,
And little Jeske
Got Malinka.
Flew, flew, flew
Shu! On his head sat.

La cuckoo
(Go around the table straightened
the index and middle fingers,
the rest of the fingers are drawn.)

Went cuckoo by market,
(Palm connect "bucket - basket.)
She had a basket,
(Struck with closed palms
on the table/knee dissociate hands.)

And the basket on the floor - wham!
(Bred hand in hand, moving her fingers
- flying flies. The number
straightened the fingers corresponds to the text.)

Flew ten, nine, eight) flies!

Ewho are we? A little!
Ran with a friend in the shop!
Bought toys,
Sweet cakes!
Give us a nail!
Well the scissors - trot trot!

Hello, finger nameless!
As the tin soldier
The post is always
And has a menacing look!
Give us a nail!
Well the scissors - trot trot!

Who's here? The middle finger!
With your puppy played in front
Hiding, laughing,
On the floor tumbled!
Give us a nail!
Well the scissors - trot trot!

Finger pointing -
Very curious!
Who is this? How is it?
To questions he can do!
Give us a nail!
Well the scissors - trot trot!

This our big finger!
To get a haircut glad with all my heart!
He's in a good mood
Ate strawberry jam!
Give us a nail!
Well the scissors - trot trot!

(alternately bend the fingers)
Ethe finger into the woods he went,
This finger - fungus found
This finger - took place
This finger will lie closely
This finger is a lot of eating
That's why fat.

(searched fingers)
Ethe finger - grandfather,
This finger - grandmother,
This finger - PA,
This finger - mother,
This finger - Vanya.

(do a light massage)
Ethe finger - small
A little intense.
Untitled - ring wears,
For what it quits.
Well, this is medium, long.
He just in the middle.
This index,
Finger remarkable.
Thumb, though not long,
Among the fingers is the strongest.
Fingers don't fall out
Together is both.

(bend fingers)
Ethe finger - small
This finger is weak,
This finger is long,
This finger - silenci,
This finger - fatty,
Well together Cam!

Ethe finger the thick,
Very strong and great!
This finger for
To show it!
This finger is the longest
And he stands in the middle!
This nameless finger,
He is the most spoiled!
And little though small,
But clever and beautiful!

(bend fingers one by one)
Ethe finger wants to sleep,
This finger went to bed,
This finger just took a NAP,
This finger I fell asleep.
This tight, fast asleep.
Hush! Hush, don't make a noise!
Red sun will rise,
Morning will come clear.
Will birds Twitter,
Will fingers up!
(unbend fingers)

Ethe finger wants to sleep,
This finger - jump in the bed,
This finger just took a NAP,
This finger I fell asleep.
Got fingers. Cheers!
In kindergarten it's time to go

(all the fingers are pressed to each other,
thumb down.
Back of the hand from itself.
Wave "checkbox")

I in his hand the box hold
And guys named Masha.

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