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Hum nursery rhymes and poweraide things that they say. Kids love the game, asked to repeat again and again.

In hands we take the shovel,
Rolling in the yellow sand.
Help me, don't be lazy!
Our Kulichik, poluchil!

Infrom the swamp on the way!
How do we move?
Jump once, jump twice
Jump once, jump twice
Fun ride, buddy!

Take the hands of the kid and smack them, saying:
Ghot cereal, cold cereal,
Languishing in a pot favorite of ours.
Long long ago, we became friends with her,
But can't choose what tastes better?
And with the heat and with the heat it beautiful,
And porridge cold, too delicious.
We are not going to defer this question
And porridge any faster "eat".
(On the word "eat" touch the nose of a child's finger.)

Dergo watch hands, watch in hand.
Go watch this: tick-tock, tick-tock.
(Closer to the ear of the child)
You look, see how I go watch my
Go watch this: tick-tock, tick-tock.
Where, where, where is the clock?
(Take from hours, but keep in sight)
Here they are, watch my clock goes like this:
Tick-tock, tick-tock.
Free hand on the clock)

CAnika, come into the garden,
Gray come into the garden.
Bunny, Bunny, come into the garden,
Grey, grey, come into the garden!
Sinica, break color,
Gray, break color.
Bunny, Bunny, break color,
Gray, gray, color break!
Sinica, twist wreath
Gray, his wreath.
Bunny, Bunny, twist wreath
Grey, grey, twist wreath.
Sinica, EKH,
Gray, EKH.
Bunny, Bunny, EKH,
Grey, grey, EKH.

- Toiconica-murisengo,
Where have you been?
- At the mill.
- Pussy-murisengo,
What were you doing there?
Flour was milled.
- Pussy-murisengo,
What flour baked?
- Gingerbread.
- Pussy-murisengo,
Who ate gingerbread?
- One.
(threatening finger)
Don't eat that one, don't eat one!

- Toiconica-arizonica,
Where have you been?
- At the mill.
- Pussy-arizonica,
What were you doing there?
Flour was milled.
- Pussy-murisengo,
What flour did?
- Baked pies.
- Pussy-arizonica,
Who ate pies?
- One.
(threatening finger)
Don't eat that one, don't eat one!

Madviata lived in a thicket,
The head of his spinning.
Like this, like this -
The head of his twisted
(turn head to the right and to the left)
Bears honey was looking for,
Together the tree was shaking.
Like this, like this -
Together the tree rocked
(torso right and left)
And casually walked,
And from the river water drinking
Like this, like this -
And from the river water drinking
(the slopes in front)
And they danced!
Together legs raised!
Like this, like this -
Up legs raised!
(raise hands)

Nand the horse rode in the garden went
(light squats, arms stretched -
"hold the reins")

Ho-Ho-Ho! Ho-Ho-Ho!
(claps: two short, one long)
By car, drove to the corner arrived.
(turns his hands as if holding a steering wheel)
Bi-bi-bi! Bi-bi-bi!
(thumbs to press "signal")
The locomotive went up to the mount arrived.
(hand balled in a fist at the top.
hand movements up and down,up and down etc)

(wide arm movement from top to bottom)

- HOki, legs, where have you been?
For mushrooms in the forest went.
"And you, pens, helped?
We mushrooms collected.
"And you, eyes that helped?
"We were looking for Yes watched
all panicky looked around.
Here Vanya with fungus,
With podosinovets.

Onth, Lada, Lada,
(show of hands,
rotate the wrists up and down)

Not afraid we are water
(patting one foot)
Pure wash,
(to make smooth circular motion
hands up to your face, not touching him)

My mother smile.
(hands apart and smile)

(Shook their baby from side to side)
P>Rishel bear to the Ford,<br>
He stood on the deck,<br>
<i>(let between your knees)</i><br>
Plop in the water!<br>
<i>(podkidyvaet on knees)</i><br>
He IOC, IOC, IOC,<br>
He puss, puss, puss!<br>
Soaking wet, he wikis,<br>
Got out, dried up,<br>
Stood on the deck -<br>
Plop in the water! <br>
<i>(You can change the names of animals:<br>
Flying crane, sat on the deck...<br>
Flew a Raven sat on the deck...)</i></p>
<p><img src=AZ-two-three-four-five,
(Took the toy, shocked)
Came the Bunny jump.
(Shook up-down)
He looked around,
(Rotate the head toy)
He powertest,
(Rotating toy)
Looked up and down
(Tilting forward and backward)
("Ran" toy)
He zabalza....
(Hid behind his back)
Where are you, Bunny, answer!
(Showed the child)

Witheat gnats under costock
The fir tree on the penechke
He dropped the leg on the sand
I stuck my nose under the leaf -
hidden installation-Atala
(closed face)

I lost the handle.
(To hide behind)
Where are you, ( my?
One, two, three, four, five,
Appear before me again!
(To show.
Same with eyes, ears, nose -
close their hands).

Wate the old way
Was the old way,
Way, way,
Found a hornless goat,
Nott, Nott.
Come on, goat, jump,
Jump, jump,
Yes legs will padrigao,
Will padrigao will padrigao.
And goat butting,
Butting, butting,
The old man swears,
Swearing, cursing.

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