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In addition lullabies, folk music has many jokes, to prepare the child to sleep, to calm him when he's jacked up. You can say their recitative or humming.

And theth, Bai, Bai, Bai,
You dog not barking!
You cow, not mice!
You, cock, don't shout!
And our boy will sleep,
Will be the eyes to close.

And theth, lulenski Yes lulenski,
In the mountains are deer.
On the horns he slumber is
In each house it enters.
In the bassinet slumber he puts it,
Quietly the song sings:
(repeat potesse)

Ax,you're my darling,
White pillow!
If you live together with you,
In the film do not need to go!
Fell-asleep,watch movies,
It will show all the same!
Ah,you're my darling,
White pillow!

BAyu-bye, bye-bye,
Fish-salmon, priplyli!
Fish-salmon, priplyli,
Alexeika biding.
Alexeika grow up,
With dad at sea will go.
Will salmon he caught,
Will become the mother he fed.

BAyu-bye, bye-bye,
We came to grandfather's mother,
We came to grandfather's mother,
Asks: "Mamie give it back!"
And we Masha will not give,
Will be useful for us.

BAyu-bye, sleep, Katya,
My Bunny-vasileska,
The Bunny eyes close,

In the garden of zainichi.
The Bunny eat grass,
Small children to sleep normal.

Arrived gulls.
Steel wings flap,
Our Katya put to sleep.

BAyu, Bayu, Bayu Bay,
You dog is not barking.
Belalp not Skuli,
Our daughter does not Wake.
Dark nocence, can't sleep,
Our daughter is afraid.

You already drank some tea,
The clover ate and played,
He nasalise, namatalla,
So now I stay up,
Now sat at the gate
Talkative forty:
Little bedtime!"
In Windows pigeons looked:
"Guli-Guli - Guli-Guli,
Need little sleep,
To the morning waking".
As I child I love!

Not Logica on the edge -
Come greyish top,
He will grab for a flank,
He will grab for a flank,
And pull in the lines,
And pull in the lines,
Under the Rakitovo custom.
You, wolf, we don't go,
Our Katya don't Wake!

Infrom lying in bed
Pink heels.
Whose heel -
Soft and sweet?
Will use gustke,
Dipnot for the heel.
Hide quickly, not round,
Blanket akrivi!

Dalni forest stands by the wall,
And in the woods in the wilds of the forest,
the female sits owl,
There is growing sleep-grass.
Say, sleep-grass
Knows sleepy words.
As will whisper their words,
Immediately nicnet head.
Today I am the owl
Ask this grass.
Let you sleep-grass
I will say sleepy words.

and the window in the evening,
And in the sky the month...
Sleeping baby in the crib,
In the stall sleeping horse,
The squirrel is in the hollow,
The dog is in the kennel.
Well, the sun wakes up,
Baby Mama smile.
There will be a day of fun.
To grow a healthy baby.

Sleep, my Katya.
Sleep my you're a pig,
Eyes close,

KAK at us in the den
Three barrel of honey,
As our children -
Sweet feet...
The first dream - buckwheat,
And the second flower,
And how come the month
Fake dream.
Sonam and sweets,
The Pets-gouging,
Medeavil kiddies
Baushke under the eye!

LJulia, Lyuli, lulenski,
Fly IPM of hulanicki.
Flying ghouls out, out.
Have the baby sleep, sleep.
Will be ghouls COO,
Will baby to sleep soundly.
Will be ghouls to say,
Than a baby to feed.
They will fly in the woods
And find there is a spike,
Will the clover cook,
Will the baby be fed,
White clover with milk
And ruddy pie.

Mthe scarlet zainichi
Wanted bainki,
Wanted bainki,
Because zainichi.
We are a little sleep,
We are on the back rest.
We are on the back lie
And just poopin.

Ns legs today said:
"We are so tired today,
We so much today jumped
What's more I did not want
To us again kicking.
We want to lie down, relax,
So tomorrow again to go to the path".
And pens said:
"We are also very tired,
We were dressed, fed and washed
And even painted.
You know, how do we get tired?"
And every finger, said:
"I'm too tired!
I also worked, I helped!
And spoon to keep and eye wash!
Now let us sleep!"
And ears suddenly whispered:
"And I'm tired!
We have a whole day
All listened attentively.
We learned so much:
We would be happy
If b had a sleep!"
And the eyes said:
"Oh, and we are tired!
So tired, that as much sting!
So much we saw today,
And now we want to sleep,
Let us close!"
And the mouth said sazawal:
"I'm too tired
I chewed, I was biting and screaming.
Let's hurry to rest,
so again tomorrow
"Good morning" to say!"
And the tongue babbled:
"And as I told,
Chuckled, pochivka and growled,
I am also very tired!"
And only spout said:
"And I'm not tired!
You all lie quietly,
Relax and sleep!
And I'm going to protect you
And calmly breathe in and breathe".

NOCI came,
The darkness brought,
Dozed off cock,
Singing cricket.
Came the mother,
Shut Stasenko.
Sleep tight,

NOCI came,
The darkness brought,
Dozed off cock,
Singing cricket,
Too late, son,
Lie down on the flank,
Bye-bye, sleep tight...

O, lulenski-lyulyushenki,
Sweet sleep at night
Yes growing by the hour!

OnTswana bell.
It is time to sleep, flower.
The sun went to sleep,
Cloud went to bed.
And the magic blue bird
Good dreams you have brought.
Mommy gently embrace you.
Sleep tight my little baby,
My joy!

Autonomy bug<br>
Seven nights did not sleep,<br>
For Katusha have woven<br>
Dream about the sun-Kolokolnikov<br>
And about the rain mushroom,<br>
And about us with you.<br>
Want through the forest in a dream to wander?<br>
Eyes try to close.</p>
<p><img src=asdente me
Rsuite me
Lay me,
Cover me,
And fall asleep
I myself!

WithPI, rabbit-sainika,
Sirosonic small.
Have any of susica,
Little pusika.
Beyond the river bridge.
Top top top.
Panaeolina the stomachs.
Over the river bridge,
there fluffy tail.
And the rabbit - concertina,
Surprised eyes.

Our doors include Tikhon,
Not to aukati not to scream,
And cradle and swing.
Tikhon song sings,
Dreams guys gives:
"In this dream of a balloon
In this dream - dog Ball
This is the doves fly,
In this children want to sleep".
Twilight, slumber and rest.
The children sleep. Goes Tikhon
In a quiet house in the river.

Gate soconusco,
At the gates of the green.
As sosnoski
The cradle of the hanged:
Blanket new
Ribbons of silk,
Polozek gold,
And the hook crimped.
Pine noise.

W you kotenka-Kotok,
Kitty - grey Vostok!
You come to us to spend the night,
Our Family download,
Our Family download,
So as I told you, the cat,
For the work will pay:
Give a piece of cake
And a jug of milk.

Xleave sleep approximately Windows,
Goes slumber near the house.
- Sandman, where do we sleep?
Sandman, where to sleep?
- Hut where talangka,
Where a child is little,
There we shall spend the night,
Cradle swing!
Bye-bye, bye-bye,
- Kate, eyes close!

Xleave sleep in the cradle -
Bayu, Bayu.
Whose here eyes wanted to sleep -
I know, I know.
You're not three Cams, close,
The dream rocking cradle.
Sleep tight.

CEly day played the Shackle,
You say thank you, legs.
You say thank you, pen.
Every day you are all obedient.
Listen to our legs Earring.

(hold down fingers)
Ethe finger wants to sleep,
This finger - jump in the bed,
This finger I took a NAP,
This finger I fell asleep.
This tight, fast asleep,
And you he sleep commands.

(hold down fingers)
Ethe finger wants to sleep,
This finger went to bed,
This finger just took a NAP,
This finger I fell asleep,
This finger is fast asleep,
No one makes a noise.
- Shh...

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