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Older kids love to swim, but babies often protest when they are in the tub and lowered into the water. To calm the baby, a quiet gentle voice hum him potesse while bathing.

And theth, Lada, Lada,
Not afraid we are water
Pure wash,
My mother smile.

Bul, Buhl, Buhl, crucians.
Wash we in the basin.
Next frogs, fish and ducklings.

Inode fluid,
Child rastushee.
Throwing water,
with Dashi thinness.
Water down,
And Dasha up!

Inode fluid,
Babe rastushee,
Water on a duck -
You thinness.
Water down,
In the child up.
With goose - water,
With Swan - water,
And with thee thinness.

Kthen there will be KUP-KUP,
The water - hlyp-glup?
In the bath quickly - hop, hop,
In tub leg yo, yo!
Will the soap to foam,
And dirt somewhere to stay.

Silver bottom,
Golden shore,
The waves rush struzhok!
Easy boat,
Gold bottom,
Silver veselica,
Mydate sapling
Green Tralee.
Swim, boat, padala!

M>s will not go to sleep early:<br>
Daughter ought to bathe.<br>
Warm water<br>
Pour on our bird.<br>
Oh, throwing water,<br>
With Alenushka thinness!<br>
Let's diaper<br>
Wrap Alenka.</p>
<p><img src=nd, Oh, Oh, Oh!
Who here naked such
Who here naked
And cheerful?
Who swim came
Who is water found?
Ah, good water,
Good water!
Iscopy me baby,
So shone the face!

TErli pigs
Each other back,
Soaps tails-hooks,
Washed heels!
Steamed broom,
Steamed birch,
Coming out of the steam room
A cloud of pink,
Pink clouds -
Three Golden Piglet.
How was dripping from the tub,
So no longer in a hurry:
Sat in SENCO,
In Terry towels,
After the heat-the heat
Near the samovar,
Blow on saucers -
Each other I admire:
Such darling
After the bathhouse of gruszecki!
Yu Sash

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