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Nursery rhymes about body parts-to-child talk during the games with him when adult foster baby, caress it. Children love the nursery rhymes, ask them to repeat, and then start to reproduce the movements of adult, showing parts of your body. So, in the form of a game, the child starts learning and acquaintance with himself.

Infrom lying in bed
Pink heels.
Whose heel -
Soft and sweet?
Will use gustke,
Dipnot for the heel.
Hide quickly, not round,
Blanket akrivi!

Gde our pens?
Here are our pens!
Where our legs?
Here are our legs!
And here is Alyssa's nose
All kosullari overgrown.
But it is the eyes, ears,
Cheeks - thick cushion,
But what is it? The tummy!
And here is Alyssa's mouth!
Show me the tongue,
Will pomacocha your flank.

Gde our ears?
Listen to Petushki!
Where are the eyes?
Watch tales!
Where are the teeth?
Hide sponge!
Well, the mouth on lock!

DLa what Sonny legs?
(or legs)
To run on the track!
(The stamp on the diaper legs)
What the boy's ears?
(touch ears)
To listen rattle!
(rattle toy)
What little boy mouth?
(touch pads)
So, mom's milk to drink!
What little boy eyes?
(show the eyes, eyebrows)
To look at the world of paint!
What the boy back?
(patting the back up and down)
To lie on the sheet!
Why the son of the priest?
(massarik priests, pats)
His palm to clap!
For what son was born?
To mom please!
(kisses, hugs baby).
"Son" can be replaced by
"child," or "daughter".

Pointing the finger at the side of his face
baby sentence:

LEU (hair)
Glade (forehead)
Defect, (nose)
Yama (the mouth).

Ms - small hands,
But we do not know boredom,
There always are we doing:
She took, she took.
Even if we do not ask,
We are all so wearable,
And Mishutka, and hedgehog
We will stroke slowly.
Fingers our - crumb -
Clever assistants,
And the pea will take
If somewhere will find.
Our little finger is very small,
Next nameless became,
Followed by average -
Important - not the last.
We have attentive
With your index finger.
And a little side -
The thick and big
The finger is very superior,
Spoon holds nicely.
If the fingers are obedient,
We and clever and friendly,
Help kids
All their deeds to do.

NOkami houseki,
Handles chatuchack.
Pigs of altunok,
Eyes clap-clap.

(Leading finger dytiatki
in known parts of the body):

NOsik, nose, forehead,
Cheeks, chin.
Ears, eyes,
Mishenina tales
(at this point, gently tickle).

Onth, maligancy,
Yes belehaki!
Finally came,
Ah, Yes, well done!
About you I knew,
From day to day, waiting,
Enough to gather,
Come out to bite!

P>aucoc, spider, <br>
Anya clutch for a flank.<br>
Frog, frog, <br>
Anya clutch for the eye.<br>
Deer, deer, <br>
Anya clutch behind the knees.<br>
Doggie, doggie, <br>
Anya clutch for the spout.<br>
Hippo, hippopotamus, <br>
Anya clutch his stomach.<br>
Wasp, wasp,<br>
Anya clutch for hair.<br>
Grasshoppers, grasshoppers, <br>
Anya clutch for a coat hanger.</p>
<p><img src=Tanka, wall,
(touch cheeks)
(touch forehead)
Two steps,
(March fingers on lips)
Dzin - call!
(click on the spout)

Pointing the finger at the side of his face
baby sentence:

Tforest roadways, (hair)
Clean box (forehead)
Two poplars (eyebrows)
Two glasses (eye)
Rembombory, (nose)
Leptos, (mouth)
Point. (chin)

(Child fumbled for the nose
and sentenced)

Hher nose? - Savin.
Where was that? - Glorified.
What mislabel? - Penny
What did you buy? - Candy.
Who did you eat? - With a goat.
Don't eat with a goat and eat with me
Don't eat with a goat and eat with me.

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