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The child may cry for different reasons. Here he fell and bruised his knee when he was learning to walk. So he hit something during the game. Maybe he was offended that he was given bad medicine. Do not leave a crying child alone, in any case, do not scold him in such cases, you will only begin to gamesdice misunderstanding between yourself and your child. Cuddle the baby and comfort. Let the kid be sure that he always has someone to share the trouble, and it always will understand, will listen and help. Tender words jokes magically operate on the baby by themselves, and if they are asked in a gentle voice, the effect is amplified twice. And now your baby is again laughing and playing.

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Part one

Andno-baths, tsukatani,
Going woman, Ryazan,
She goes on the stove,
Sells cakes.
Come out,
Don't cry!

Ax, cockle-mokle,
Platonici wet.
Who will the baby be hurt,
That goat will butt.

Ne cry, don't cry, baby,
Coming to you protein,
Bring nuts
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Ne cry, do not cry,
Buy a roll.
Not jnyce, not Noah,
Buy another one.
Tears Utri,
'll give you three.

I like
a more gentle option:

Ne cry, do not cry,
Buy a roll.
Don't cry, dear,
Buy another one.
Don't cry, don't cry,
'll give you three.

P>ride pussy slowly <br>
And Pat the baby <br>
Meow-meow - say pussy <br>
Our baby is good. </p>
<p><img src= Us Sasha son one,
We won't let them hurt.
Jacket sew
And walking will send.

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