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The first steps are the hardest. Help the crumbs, encouraged him by potesky. Gentle nursery rhymes will help you convince a kid that walking is not scary, and will encourage him to try again and again.
First steps without falling. If the kid plopped down on the carpet and began to cry for you "nursery rhymes-weelky".

And Lada, Lada, Lada,
Not planted gardens.
And my Sasha go
He planted and watered,
Top, top, top...

B>great legs <br>
Was walking along the road:<br>
TOP, TOP, TOP!<br>
Little feet<br>
Ran on the track:<br>
Top top top top top!</p>
<p><img src=become, baby, one more time,
Make a small step.
Goes the boy with our work,
First time bypasses the house.

And>det cat on the bench,<br>
Leads the kitty for paws.<br>
Tops-tops on the bench,<br>
Caps-caps for paws.</p>
<p><img src=odds, she is little,
Katinka udalenka,
Walk through the path,
COPNI, Katya, Nounkeu.

Kfor the claim, pussy, pussy, shoo!
On the track don't sit down:
Our babe will go,
Through pussy will fall.

- ToUDA run, legs?
- Summer track
From hummock to hummock
For berry in Bor.
In the green forest
You will gain
Black blueberry,
Scarlet strawberry.

KOoty walked, walked, walked,
Kutya coin found.
Kutya walked, walked, walked,
Kutya hundred roubles found.

NAsha girl went!
Was the small room.
Training - every hour,
Stronger feet from us!
(Svetlana Solodov)

NAsha Eugene on the floor
For the first time stomped.
Crawled to the wall,
Both handles are raised,
He staggered and went.
Go, go feet,
New boots!
Top to the corner,
Stood and went.
Far in the other corner,
The ball and Teddy bear on the floor.
Take them Zhenya wants
Feet stomps.
Ran, staggered,
Splashy and immediately stretched.
Cry Zhenya did not,
Quietly rose
And to the corner
Across the room was.
Bear leg caught,
Ball leg rolled,
And then went back
Along the room to walk -
To the sofa, to the window,
Under the table walked a little
It's dark under the table -
The tablecloth is long range.
And on the chair - Murka,
Greyish skin.
Lifting a hand,
Eugene petting a cat.
Says she: "Pai Pai".
Says she: "Bai-Bai".
Murka blinks slightly -
Knows whose hand.
Standing at a chair,
Jane rested
And then went back
Along the room to walk.
Drag myself it up to the rack
And groaning, he sat down on the floor.
Need to relax -
Ahead long way.

P>on the road we go,<br>
Way far, far our house,<br>
Hot day,<br>
Sit in the shade.<br>
We are under an oak tree sit,<br>
We are under the oak soak,<br>
Lie down, rest,<br>
And then go home! </p>
<p><img src=Go with the road, the cat,
Our Tanya goes.
Top, top,
Our Tanya goes,
Will never fall.
Top, top,
Here's what Tanya.

Hover the legs, that feet
You, our baby!
Neither the dog nor the cat
Will not give your legs we.
These legs, these legs
Will be run on the track.

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