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While the child is very small (1-4 months), mother performs gymnastics "for him, playing his arms and legs, and at the same time massaging them. During this period the mother cherishes baby: plays his arms and legs, stroking belly, makes toporoski" his legs. Massage, turns heads, zakalivanie knobs on the head, waving a hand with my mother's help, "bike legs are not only physically healthier baby and gives him a lot of pleasure. This charge causes the child's emotional response, the need to communicate with adults, and most importantly - the desire to repeat the movements that he can't even do on your own. With each day the mother feels the growing activity in the performance of movements of the baby. Listening to the usual affectionate the next Janet Jackson! mother, the baby laughs and anticipates's movement itself holds his head, pulls the handle, pulls legs, waiting for the familiar twist to the game. So with the help of pastuszek begins games "training" of the baby.

Bor flax, beaten,
(knock Cams on the back)
Stoked, stoked,
(RUB hands)
Pounded, pounded,
Was male, male,
(mash your fingers)
Was constantly appearing, was constantly appearing,
(shake by the shoulders)
White tablecloths wove,
(draw the edges of the palms)
On the tables were covered.
(poglazhival palms)

(Tap Cams child together)
Inuski, views,
View view,
Mallet pounding,

Gde palms, fingers?
In the forest caught the Bunny.
On the qui Vive, Vostok - kid,
All trembling to mommy in a hurry.
Caught a hug - then ran.

Gde fingers? Where are the heels?
Walk went, hedgehog found.
Hedgehog Kolko chopped, to turn commanded.

D>your cremasco Pomaio,<br>
Legs, hands her a Pat.</p>
<p><i>(Poglazhival back)</i><br>
<img src=AK on this week
Flew two teterya:
Like - pinched,
Like - picked it up.
And flew back.
Will arrive at the end of the week
Our cute tetri.
We teteron we will wait
Give them crumbs to eat.
(Accompanied by the words
stroking, pinching and
pokolachivanii back.)

(Peculative on the heel)
KUY, kui, the heels!
Give grandma the Shoe.
Do not submit the slipper -
Will not polchem heel.

M>s cabbage chop, chop,<br>
<i>(chopping motion edges of the palms)</i><br>
We three carrots, three,<br>
<i>(brushing motion with his knuckles)</i><br>
We cabbage salt, salt,<br>
<i>(point the finger contact)</i><br>
We cabbage reap, reap,<br>
<i>(prozimanje muscles of the fingers)</i><br>
The cabbage juice drink, drink.<br>
<i>(stroking motions with hands)</i></p>
<p><img src=and meadow, in the meadow
(patting his tummy clockwise)
It cost to bowl the cream cheese.
(put your hand on the tummy)
Flew two teterya,
(positive barrel from the bottom up)
Picked it up,
(two fingers run through the tummy)

Npanorama mom
Beloved son
Petting and stroking
Favorite back.
Mom Petina,
Mom Sveta,
Mom Grishkin,
And mom Iriskina.

NOki long, slender legs.
Will panem, we'll get some rubbing, then will stir up,
The tummy will come.

PAPA-hedgehog,dad, hedgehog,
you give us a back rubs?

P>atagonist, paratunski <br>
Across tolstushki, <br>
And legs - hodunki, <br>
And in pen - katunishte, <br>
And in the ears - Lisouski, <br>
And in the eyes glagowski, <br>
And the nose - sopuruchi, <br>
And pigs - Hovorka, <br>
But in head - rezumat!</p>
<p><img src=Asti, Masha, above,
To chorus, to the roof.
To grow, not pamper your,
Mom and dad seems to reflect.
Grow with beam thickness
Yes, the house is high.

Pelse, rails,
(have one,
then another line along the spine)

Sleepers, sleepers,
(have cross the line)
Rode the train is late.
("go" with the palm on the back)
From the last wagon
Suddenly poured millet.
(knock back the fingers of both hands)
Come chickens, picked it up.
(knock index fingers)
Came geese, pinched.
(pinch the back)
Came the Fox,
(patting the back)
Tail waved.
Was the elephant,
("go" on the back with the back fist)
Was the elephant,
("go" with his fists, but with less effort)
Went a little baby elephant.
("go" three fingers folded in a pinch)
Come by the store Manager,
("go" on the back with two fingers)
All smoothed, all cleared.
(poglazhival back with palms up-down)
He put the table,
(imaging table with his fist)
(chair - pinch)
The typewriter.
(the typewriter - finger)
Began to print:
("printed" on the back with your fingers)
Wife and daughter,
(at these words every time tickle the flank)
I send you my stockings,
(gently put the "point" with the index finger)
(lead finger, as if reading)
Squeezed, smoothed,
(pinch, and then poglazhival back)
Squeezed, smoothed,
("put the letter" by the collar)

Posoby tummy
Purrs like a kitten,
Growled a puppy,
Gurgled rusiecka.
Ah tummy you, abdomen,
Who in there lives?
Who prevents bainki
Little saince?
We will stroke putiki,
Thick arbusti.
Sleeping puppy, sleeping kitten.
Smiling child.

Puccu will handle stroke,
Finger by finger we'll get some rubbing,
Rest just a little bit,
And then we start again.

Withedit protein on the trolley,
(in a circular motion or heels)
Giving it the nuts
Bear tolstopiatenko -
(proslaivaem fingers, since large)
Saince baleen,
The Fox sister,
The Sparrow - sinicki,
Who in pigs,
(or thumb pads of the foot)
Anyone Sobek,
Who in the honey.

Tears of tatushki,
(led by the handles up and down)
Baked cheesecake
On the box set
(hand with some force down on the tummy)
Cool left
(wave handles)
And wheat pie -
He Pariske vzmeten
(gently pinch-crumple from tummy to shoulders)
So high-on-okonko-high!
(handles up to top)

TAttiki - fathom,
And mothers - fathom,
And sister - fathom,
And brother - fathom
(and so on),
And Vanyushenka greater, greatest,
The largest

Hher tummy? Dashin.
Ate mashed potatoes and porridge.
The horse fled,
The truck was driven,
Dasha said:
Enough to indulge
Went for a ride!

(Rhythmically pochopien child
on the back)

- Hharbecke?
- Money.
Who took a dump in?
- Grandfather.
- What he put?
The pitcher.
- What?
- Gold.
And put what?
- Posterbrain.

Hears, views, perevoski,
(twist kulacki around each other,)
Timberlin sitting in the tub.
(knock Cams each of druguse side edges of the palms)
And we on the head -
(bring pen the kid to his head)
Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang!
(touch fists to the head)

(Poglazhival back)
WErshova mom
Rough son
Petting and stroking
Rough back.
Mom Petina,
Mom Sveta,
Mom Grishkin,
And mom Kaniskina.

I on the back to make it through,
Korobushka will take,
To grow good
Yes healthy.

I sat on Rowan,
My cat pawing,
Small kotecki
Scratching at her heels.

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