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Your child does not like to dress in the morning or on a walk? Your baby cries when he is swaddled? And you talk him around the jokes, while wear or swaddled! While he will listen to funny poems, mother deftly it will wear!

InAlya will grow big,
Will gold go.
All the wet-nurses and nannies
Gifts to give.
Old old women - obozocare,
Young moldosec - ribbons.

DAsha mitten allotment.
"Oh, where do I finger doing?"
Dasha mitten shot,
Look, I got it!

KAK on the street
From pereulok
Runs greyish Kotok,
Freeze claw.
Coat on it
Become covered with hoarfrost,
Eyebrows and mustache
Don't go, cat, barefoot,
Walk in the boots,
Gloves go,
Warm mittens.

KAK our birds
Dark lashes.
As our crumbs
Warm legs.
As our feet
Nails - zarobki.
On the furthermore,
On the sheet
Not on the edge - the middle
Put the pebble,
Wrapped fortress!

MAsha mitten wearing:
"Oh, where do I finger doing?
No finger, lost,
In your house has not got!
Mary mitten shot:
-Oh look I found it!
Searching, searching and you will find!
Hello, finger, how are you?

NAsha Kate petite,
It coat Alenka,
The edge of the beaver,
Kate black-browed.

Tetka Alaska,
Sew me a shirt!
You have to dress up -
We are going to ride!

Us Vanya one,
No one will give.
We coat it will sew,
Walk it will send.

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