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While the mother prepares the clover, the child sits in the chair - "helps". But to him it was not boring, will be amused by his jokes.

And whoa, whoa, whoa!
And whoa, whoa, whoa!
Thou shalt not seethe porridge to Kroto,
Vari thin,
Vari makokou,
Yes molodenkuu!

And theth Tata, Tata, Tata!
Please sieve:
Husking bran sift,
Cakes to start.
And for our laposki
'll throw pancakes,
We will bake the blinok,
Feed the boy!

And theth, Tu-Tu, AI, Tu-Tu,
Vari clover Kroto,
Pontivy jelly,
Feed Kazachka.

In furnace rolls,
As fire is hot.
For whom the liver?
Masha cakes,
Masha hot.

< p>InAres-Waris clover
In the blue Cup
Wares quickly
Bulky fun
Varis, clover, sweet
Of thick milk
Yes of semolina semolina.
He who eats cereal
Will grow teeth!

KAdamo its:
The stove - wood,
The cow hay,
Grass - calf,
Water - lamb
And you, my son,
Sugar piece.

Laducci, Patty cake,
We will bake pancakes.
On the box set.
Cool make.
A little wait,
All " scones " will give.

Laducci, Patty cake,
We will bake pancakes.
On the box set.
Cool make.
And cool - eat
And the sparrows will give.

Laducci, Patty cake!
Baked Babka pancakes,
Oil poured,
Detochka gave.
Dasha - two,
Pasha - two,
Van - two,
Tanya - two,
Sasha - two,
Masha - two,
Good pancakes
Our good grandmother!

LEPIM, make pies,
Kneaded flour,
We sat down on the bench,
I asked my grandmother,
Ran into the garden,
They gathered all the people,
Here is the kitten pie,
Here is the duck pie,
And the Shackle by heart.

LEPIM we cakes,
Round as the face.
Take out of the oven,
Delicious something.

Mfirs, mill shoals,
Stranded, stranded, not lenisa!
Namely us grist,
Buckwheat husking bran -
The guys on the clover,
On pancakes-pancakes,
A sweet cheesecake.

Ntable Vitushka,
On the table Vitushka,
And cheesecake in the oven.
Vitushka, cheesecake
Our Little Andrei.

Tpens Tu-carcass!
Baked Babka cheesecake.
Everyone cheesecake
Yes milk in the mug.
Patty cake, Patty cake!
Baked Babka pancakes.
Oil poured,
All were treated.

Tears of tatushki,
Baked cheesecake
On the box set
Cool left
And wheat pie -
He Pariske vzmeten
So vysokogo-high!

Tears, tutuska,
Baking mom Vitushka,
Baking mom Vitushka
For the beloved Igluski.

ICova wife
Cakes baked:
The rolls are hot,
The window swords.
Arrived rooks,
Praised cakes.

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