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Do exercises with your baby, saying nursery rhymes - so fun! Please note that the exercises should be done only in a good mood baby. Exercises should correspond to the motor development of the child, not ahead of physical development, and matching him. For example, help baby to roll over on one side, when he tries to do it. Classes start with gentle stroking and feeling. Pay special attention to hands and feet, as they have a lot of nerve endings.

(Tap Cams
child together)

Inuski, views,
View view,
Mallet pounding,

Soon Ivan was the village,
Virastaj with Dubok,
Get ceiling,
Grow taller -
Get to the roof,
This grow
To see everyone!

(Do child "bike"
and read potesse).

KUDA run, legs?
Where to run, legs?
- Summer track
From hummock to hummock
For berry in Bor.
In the green forest
You will gain
Black blueberry,
Scarlet strawberry.

Went to the site,
Little chunky
Doing exercises!
Once or twice,
Three or four.
Hands above!
Legs wider!

MAME - Saenko,
Dad - Saenko,
Grandmother - Saenko,
Grandfather - Saenko.
All seience,
And Ivan - the most.

P>otahuna - pothukuchi,<br>
From socks to mikulecky,<br>
We will patanase-patanase,<br>
Small will not stay.<br>
Now grow,<br>
<p><img src=Asti, Masha, above,
To chorus, to the roof.
To grow, not pamper your,
Mom and dad seems to reflect.
Grow with beam thickness
Yes, the house is high.

Time - jump!
Two - hop!
The ceiling!
I have!
I am flying!

(Bred handle your baby in your hand and combine,
crossing over on the breast)

Tetence - fathom,
And the mother - fathom,
And sister - fathom,
And brother - fathom
(and so on),
And Vanyushenka more
The largest

XAMCA-home, hamster,
(puff like a hamster)
Polosatenkie the flank.
(patting myself on the sides)
Home early risers,
(stretch out)
Cheeks washes, eyes tert.
(do the appropriate action)
Sweeping home the hut
(bend over and pretend that're sweeping)
And goes to charge.
Home wants to become strong.
(pokazyvaet how strong wants to be).
Mom ruts in order
Now make a charge.

Hears, views, perevoski,
(twist fists around each other),
Timberlin sitting in a tub
(knock fists together
from the side edges of the palms)

And we on top
(bring pen the kid to his head)
Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang!
(touch fists to the head)

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