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Magic nursery rhymes are not only able to distract the kid, if he doesn't want to eat, but to eat his porridge, which he does not like. Tell him nursery rhymes gently, with a smile, and casually bring the spoon to his mouth. The baby will be good to eat, and will develop his memory and speech.

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And theth Doo-Doo, Doo-Doo, Doo-Doo
Lost shepherd Dudu.
And I pipe found
Shepherdess I gave:
- In here, dear boy,
There cow lies,
The calf looks,
And home is not,
Milk shall not be -
Have porridge cook,
Porridge Sasha feed.

And theth, Tata, Tata, Tata,
Please sieve -
Husking bran to sow,
Cakes to start.
And for our laposki
'll throw pancakes,
We will bake the blinok -
To feed the boy!

And theth, Tu-Tu, AI, Tu-Tu,
Vari clover Kroto,
Pontivy jelly,
Feed Kazachka.

In the little wood in the little wood hut on the mound.
Pancakes covered, pancakes covered,
The fence around - pies with cheese.
Cat sitting at the window, the hedgehog Antoshka
Gingerbread chew, sing songs.

In furnace rolls,
As fire is hot.
For whom the liver?
Masha cakes,
Masha hot.

InAnya, Vanya,
The clover all you eat.
You hit the spoon,
Topne leg.
Slam you in their hands,
And pet you cat.

Inarise, Varis, clover,
In the blue Cup,
Wares quickly,
Bulky fun.
Varis, clover, sweet,
Of thick milk,
Of thick milk,
Yes of semolina semolina.
He who will eat clover,
Will grow teeth!

- InOron, crow,
Where was flying?
Guests were slikala,
Porridge was given to them.
Clover oil,
Spoon painted,
Spoon bends,
Nose shakes,
The soul rejoices.

This is a good girl.
Is the name of this girl Masha.
And this is her plate.
And in this plate...
No, not porridge
No, not porridge
And not guessed:
The Village Of Masha,
Ate porridge -
How many Dali!

Globoko is not small,
Ships in the plates.
Onion head
Red carrot,
Parsley, potatoes,
Crumble a little.
Here the boat is floating,
Swims right in the mouth!

Ghot porridge,
Cold cereal,
Languishing in a pot
A favorite of ours.
Not long since, long ago
We became friends with her,
But can't choose -
What tastes better?
And with the heat and with the heat
Beautiful she
And porridge cold
Also delicious.
We are not going to procrastinate
With this question
And porridge any
Faster you eat.

On the green grass
On green meadow
Is the Cup of the cream cheese.
Flew two teterya,
Picked it up, flew away.
As they flew,
We are looking at them.

KAK Marfusha for Peter
Prepared, baked
Ninety-two pancake,
Two tubs of jelly,
Fifty-pies -
Not found and consumers.

We mess welded
Handkerchief covered.
Waiting will podet,
Who first come?

KAsha tasty smokes,
Alex porridge sits there,
Very good porridge,
Ate porridge slowly.
Spoon for spoon,
Eat little by little.

KASKA from buckwheat,
Where were cooked? In the oven!
Cook, aprela,
So the bear ate,
Porridge praised,
All shared!

Kfrom the stove went -
Pot of porridge found.
For furnace rolls,
As fire is hot.
The cakes are baked,
Cat paws are not given.

Kthen we loved the most?
- First spoon for mom,
And the second one for whom?
Yes for your dad,
For whom the third spoon?
For fun doll,
Sesh for Baba
Eat for grandfather,
For the boy - neighbor,
For girlfriends and friends,
Eat more, don't worry!
Eat for the holiday
Noisy, bright,
For guests and gifts,
For a kitten, for Timoska
This little spoon
And over the red cat,
Here is the plate and empty!

To>wrecka - potatosack,<br>
Cuckoo - rabushka.<br>
Sat, ate,<br>
Beyond the sea flew. </p>	  
<p><img src=aducci, Patty cake,
We will bake pancakes.
On the box set.
Cool make.
And cool - eat,
And the sparrows will give.

Laducci, Patty cake,
We will bake pancakes.
On the box set.
Cool make.
A little wait,
All " scones " will give.

Laducci, Patty cake!
Baked Babka pancakes.
Oil poured,
All were treated.
Dasha - two,
Pasha - two,
Van - two,
Tanya - two,
Sasha - two,
Masha - two,
Good pancakes
Our good grandmother!

LJulia, Lyuli, lulenski,
Flew hulanicki,
Steel ghouls to say:
"The us Mamie to feed?"
One will say: "Clover",
Another: "Prostokvasha",
The third will say, "Milk,
And ruddy pie".

LJulia, Lyuli, Lyuli,
Arrived ghouls,
Steel ghouls COO,
Steel ghouls to try:
Flew into the area,
Lit the flame,
Steel mess cook
Steel Masha feed.

Macaroni for fun
It was called "makarski".
Rolled on the track.
Gathered a large army
Macarossi to collect:
Mouse, cat, dog Timoska,
Front nychka, beetle Chernushka
And some kind of frog.
Yes, but the Mouse, Yes, but the Cat,
Yes, but stupid Timoska,
The fly Noske and Nigella
(Just as a strange Frog)
Macarossi not needed
Macarossi them funny
And taste, and hearing,
And touch, and scent!
The cat only likes fat.
The mouse eats very little.
Dog Timoska loves soup,
The Mushkin taste pretty gross.
In the morning, afternoon and evening
Beetle black girl eats bark.
"But what, " said the Fly,
-What feeds the Frog?
A Frog in her response:
Come for lunch!
And he went back into the swamp,
A closing gate.

Mfirs, mill shoals,
Stranded, stranded, not lenisa!
Namely us grist,
Buckwheat husking bran -
The guys on the clover,
On pancakes-pancakes,
A sweet cheesecake.

Nand my plate
Red squirrel.
So she was visible,
Everything I eat to the bottom!

Ntable Vitushka,
On the table Vitushka,
And cheesecake in the oven.
Vitushka, cheesecake
Our Little Andrei.

Nash Serge fidgets,
Won't eat no lunch.
Sat down, got up, sat down again,
And then all of porridge eaten.

Nand porridge!
So in the mouth and asking!
The nose and cheeks
Ate their fill.
Chin also inherited.
And the little
Tried a bit.
A little ate
The forehead to the crown,
The rest of ears
He DocuShare!

NI see, well, let's do it now!
Do not nag you, pots,
Do not nag, not Chipita,
Porridge sweet brew.
The sweet porridge cook,
Our baby feeding.

Onwax my mom was in the pot boiled.
The most delicious put there.
Meat, eggs, potatoes, dill
I really want to get to Anastasia in her mouth.
Let's not going to hurt them
And everything on the plate will eat.

Onth, Lyuli, Lyuli, Lyuli,
In the sea sailed ships,
Nastia clover brought.
Kasanka molochinka
For his beloved daughter.
Nastya, mouth open,
The sweet clover gloty.
And who eats clover,
Mom and dad listens to,
Grows strong,
Healthy and beautiful.

- AboutDuda appeared spoon?
- She appeared
from a teaspoon,
which eat oatmeal
and grew up in a tablespoon!
- And where did fork?
- A fork appeared
from a huge fork,
who didn't love oatmeal
and turned
in a little plug...

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