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That the child did not run in the other room, the sight of a comb, tell him potesse about how beautiful he will be after you comb your hair. The poem will fascinate baby, and we will quickly give his hair in order.

KAK melted month, Golden horns,
As our Thani sun in the window,
Bright the sun rays burn,
My wife's Tatyana Rus kosinki hang.

P>ECOSOC cock,<br>
Rushashi me a comb.<br>
Well, please, I beg,<br>
I have curly hair will be combed.</p>	<p><img src=Asti, spit, to the waist,
Not virani no hair.
Grow, kasonka to toe -
All voloshky in a row.
Grow, spit, not potica -
Mother, daughter, obey.

PAsti, spit, from the root,
Come bridegroom from the city,
According to braid, plait,
For the bride-to-be good!

PAsti, kosynka,
Ankle-length -
All volosiki in a row.
Grow, spit, not putica,
Mother, daughter, obey.

T>s to grow, grow, spit,<br>
To silk belt:<br>
As you grow up, spit,<br>
Will the city has to offer. </p>
<p><img src=Well I will braid braid,
I Rusu will braid,
I weave, weave, weave,
"You grow, grow, spit,
The entire city of glory".

Hecho, Cesu, volosiki,
Comb kosinki.

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