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If the mother umava baby, sentences funny poems about water, the washing process will be for a child not boring duty, but a fun game. So you will be easier to teach him to wash in the mornings and evenings: he will know that the water is his friend. Don't forget to kiss the baby in a clean cheek and tell me what he done that washed!

And theth, Lada, Lada, Lada,
Not afraid we are water!
Clean water
Wash our face,
Wash hands,
Will wet us a little bit,
Ah, Lada, Lada, Lada,
Not afraid we are water!
Pure wash,
Mom smile!

And theth, Lada, Lada,
Not afraid we are water
Pure wash,
The baby smile.

And theth, Lada, Lada, Lada
Not afraid we are water
Pure wash,
My mother smile.
Know, know, yeah-yeah-yeah,
Where are you hiding, water!
Go, go,
We came to wash!
Leisya on the palm
Is it the leg.
Leisya, leisya, leisya
Kate, anywise more fun!

Ax, vodicka good!
Good water!
Escapem baby
So shone the face!

Bul, Buhl, Buhl,
Wash we in the basin.
Next frogs,
Fish and ducklings.

Inode fluid,
Child rastushee,
Water on a duck -
With child thinness.
Water down,
As the child up.

Inode flowing fluid,
Under mount bath heated
Cat clean in a hurry.
There are 12 kittens,
All to be washed in want!

Inkitty, vodicka,
Wash my face,
To platonici shone,
In order cheeks blushed,
That laughed pigs,
That bit of clove!

Inkitty water,
Wash Nastina face,
Nastya ate the clover,
Stained muzzle.
That girl was
The always clean,
Help, vodicka,
Wash Nastina face.

GWuxi-swans flew,
In a purely field flew,
In the field bathhouse found,
Lebedenko bathed.

Eputt, hedgehog,
Sell the knife,
Buy myltse,
Wash the stigma.

CIKE began to wash.
You can see the guests, he gathered.
Washed his mouth,
Washed spout,
Washed the ear,
So dry!

KRAS, open sesame!
Nose, wash your face!
Eyes and bathing!
Dirt, give up!

Kwounds open up,
Nose wash!
Wash immediately
Both eyes
Wash up the neck

Laducci, Patty cake,
With soap my Lapushka.
Clean hands,
Here's the bread and spoons!

Lybit face cleaner,
The mirror will say:
- It is necessary to wash!
The mirror will be very:
- Where is the comb?
What she
Do not comb your child?
Dark from fear,
Will pogladits

MOEM, my chimney sweep
Purely pure, pure, pure.
To be a chimney sweep
Clean, clean, clean, clean.
(K. Chukovsky)

Silver bottom,
Golden shore,
The waves rush struzhok!
Easy boat,
Gold bottom,
Silver veselica,
Mydate sapling
Green Tralee.
Swim, boat, padala!

M>s go to swim<br>
And in the water splashing around,<br>
To splash, frolic,<br>
Will Lena wash.<br>
We swill legs<br>
Our cute baby,<br>
Will wash hands<br>
Little Sister,<br>
The back and belly,<br>
Face and mouth -<br>
Net what<br>
Daughter dear!</p>
<p><img src=th-Oh-Oh-Oh,
Oh, who's naked?
Who swim went?
Who is water found?

Ont water from the water
All smiles sparkles!
From the water, from the water
Fun flowers and birds!
Kate washes,
The sun smiles!

P>live to me, fish,<br>
Will slowly you palm.<br>
Where are you sailed,<br>
Slippery as soap?<br>
And had gifted bathed<br>
And in his hands I picked up!</p>
<p><img src= goose water,
With baby - thinness
Ucatis all.

Topiki, shirts,
On the water chlopicki,
Chlopicki palms,
Yes bare feet!

Xbest Junior of breed-CHLUP handles,
Full soap pelvis.
You don't touch Lenochka
Soap handle eye.
As the water gurgles,
And the water foams.
Johnny washed,
Will comb my hair, get dressed.

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