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The baby opens his eyes and begins a new day. Give him a boost of love and affection in the morning: go to him, sit down on the bed, Pat him, hug, Pat, saying one of the jokes. This awakening will give the baby the joy and vitality throughout the day.

In>place with the sun up, <br>
 Together with the birds sing. <br>
 Good morning! <br>
 With a clear day! <br>
 That's how good we sing! </p>
<p><img src=from woke up,
From side to side
Where gruszecki,
You, toy, Pogreby,
Our baby pick up!

Dor - Dili-Dili-Dili -
The bells rang.
Dili-Dili-Dili-Dili -
Bells woke
All beetles, spiders
And fun moths.
Tinker day! Tinker day!
Start a new day!
Bells woke
All bunnies and eat,
All lazy bears.
And Sparrow woke up,
And galcian started.
Tinker day! Tinker day!
Don't miss new day

KOtik gray sat
On pechenochka
And quietly began to sing
Song of docrock:
Here woke up the cock
Got chicken,
Rise up my love,
Arise, my LocoRoco!

Kthen who in this room lives?
Who, who, together with the sun rises?
This Mashenka woke up,
From side to side, turned,
And, tossing the blanket,
Suddenly herself on his legs, stood up!
(A. Barto)

M>s woke up, <br>
We woke up.<br>
Sweet, sweet stretched.<br>
Mom and dad smiled. </p>
<p><img src=was astala morning.
The sun has come up.
Come on, son,
Be friends!
Get Up The Highway!
Get Up, Pointer!
Get Up, The Heart!
Get Up, The Orphan!
And Crumb-Matroska!
Hi, The Palm!

Onth, losenice luski!
Our He -
Good morning.
Good morning!
Morning with jokes,

P>ECOSOC cock<br>
 The Golden scallop,<br>
 Oil head,<br>
 Silk bartuska.<br>
 What you get up early<br>
 Gorosito sing,<br>
 Sasha awake?</p>
<p><img src=, učka-handles - potyagushki
And hands - podloucky.
Legs-legs - toporoski,
The errands, poprawski.
Good morning, pens,
Her hands and legs,
Cheeks-flowers -

Withconsult the sun in the window,
Shining in our room.
We will zolpiem in her hands -
Very pleased with the sun.

Withonysko, the sun,
Look in the window.
Look at the window,
Wake Up The Shackle.
So the day has barely been longer
So we learned more,
That toy was not bored,
And with Seryozhenka played.

T>s I handle, give <br>
 Yes get up from the bed, <br>
 Wash come, <br>
 Where water will find! </p>
<p><img src=Yaga, thrust, pathusienne,
The baby parasitogenic!
Grow, babe, healthy,
As the Apple tree garden!
On cat pathusienne,
The child parasitogenic,
And handle huatusco,
And in the mouth of Govorun,
And head rezumat!

Trom I get up,
The song I sing,
The song is simple,
Like this:

(Gently poglazhival baby
from head to toe)

XRoseneck - Horodok.
Primogenitum - prehook.
Stroyinkom - stroinyashek,
And dear - Ragnarok.

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