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When you receive the long-awaited child, you want to quickly start communicating with him. But unexpectedly discovers that the baby needs until another language is not the one to which we are accustomed, adults, and completely different. What to say to him? What gentle song to sing, so he closed his eyes? What fun govorili to make him laugh, so he happily smiled at you?

The Russian people, like any other, there is a priceless wealth of his experience, his folklore. Over the centuries grandmother, mother, nurse laid a lot of songs, jokes and govorushin.

Nursery rhymes and Petushki is a small poem-prigovori that accompany any children or actions of the child - stretching from sleep, dress, etc. of Petushki accompany the game with the child, when an adult performs the movement "for him, playing his arms and legs when the baby is not yet available movements such as turns of the body, he is unable to act purposefully hands, not able to independently sit up, to crawl, to stand in support. Nursery rhymes calculated on the activity of the child, when he performs the self's movement and associates them with the content of songs and nursery rhymes.

Nursery rhymes and Petushki help entertain the child or to distract him, if he doesn't like something or other required action, for example, washing or food. They help to teach the child to the mandatory elements of the regime and hygiene in the form of a game. He developed the speech centers of the brain, fine motor skills (the famous "Patty cake" and other similar nursery rhymes) and contribute to the emotional development of the child, encourage him to repeat actions that accompany. Many of these adults seem meaningless, but they bring joy, develop a sense of humor.

But the main thing that gives potesta is establishing contact between parents and child from birth. Will describe a few jokes from our collection, and they will help you with this. Gentle voice, softly, with a kind smile and sing songs to your child, and you will feel as between you installed a strong spiritual and emotional connection.


  1. Wake up and stretch

  2. Wash

  3. Hair

  4. Doing gymnastics

  5. Do massage

  6. Dress

  7. Cook food

  8. Eat

  9. Podstriganiem nails

  10. Taking the first steps

  11. Don't cry (nursery rhymes-weelky)

  12. Get acquainted with the parts of the body

  13. Love...

  14. Bathe

  15. Sleeps


  1. Playing with developmental

  2. Patty cake

  3. Is the horned goat

  4. Finger games

  5. Forty-crow gruel cooked

  6. Game on mom's knees

  7. Skok-Pocock, young drozdek

  8. Teasers

  9. Tales


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  1. Andrew-Sparrow

  2. Grandmother Juliana

  3. Left the cat for cat

  4. Because of the forests, mountains traveled uncle Egor

  5. As has been seen Kotok

  6. As my grandmother Barbara

  7. Lost man arc

  8. Sitting crow oak

  9. Round, round, shepherd

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