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In the avian retina of the eyes are more light-sensitive cells than in the retina of other animals. Especially these cells are densely filled cavity, called the Central hole. It acts as a telescope - enlarges the image. Near this telescope is the body seemingly unrelated to the vision,the so - called scallops. He that shaft in the eye: where we have thousands of light-sensitive and nerve cells, the birds have settled down poured the blood of the fold, similar to the bellows, accordion or harmonica.

It seems that the comb helps feathered travelers during migration, and the pigeons - when running courier missions. It is written in the book of Professor gg Demirdogen "Photoreceptive birds". His studies convinced that scallop akin dark tinted glasses. Thanks to him, the birds look at the sun without blinking.

Dove eyes of many people were interested in. They write that their color vision better human: unkempt rock doves perched, sahajwala sills, there are subtle shades, eludes sophisticated opinion of experts-textile sorting fabric.

Pigeons see and subtle disturbances on the surface of the polished parts, and tiny cracks in the glass. Within a few days of "training" they learn that, if the pipeline is swimming good item, you need to keep calm. If the item is bad, defective, you should bite the lever. The item from the conveyor to reset the mechanism, and before the beak for some time will open the feeder.

After graduating from such short-term courses, pigeons once "stood" on the conveyor of the Moscow plant to sort the balls for bearings. On the first day everything was fine. The next bird was cranky began to cull all the balls in a row. The experimenters thought, and wondered why and found that birds did not make a fuss, and have improved their skills, were sent to the marriage balls with fingerprints. Had to wipe products that picky inspectors considered it to be benign. Skill birds supervisors grew not by days but by hours. And the most interesting thing is that they never "saltarelli", never rejected good detail, although the "salary" received by the job.

It was found that pigeons are learning from each other, observing the behavior seasoned colleague. Even suggest that a strong and experienced bird can force another to imitate himself.

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