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"The dove and the dove never quarrel" - so goes the famous song. Alas, this is not true. Here is how dove peace debunked the famous ethologist Konrad Lorenz: "Soft kick fragile beak, weak push light wing - all for the uninitiated eye more like a caress than aggression. Once I decided to cross the African dove with several smaller and fragile ordinary turtle, living in European forests. This purpose was put in a room Hutch, female first species of birds and the male second. Both birds I raised at home, and they were completely manual. I did not take seriously their encounters, which originally took place before my eyes. How can pigeons - these exemplars of love and virtue to harm each other? And I went to Vienna, leaving the birds alone. Came back the next day - a terrible sight appeared before my eyes. The male was lying on the floor of the cell. The crown of his head, neck and back were not only completely plucked, but turned into a bleeding wound. On torn dove, like an eagle on its prey, sat second "messenger of peace". Keeping with his usual dreamy expression, which created the pigeons glory of Mirolyubov, this charming lady continued to pick his silver beak wounded back his fallen wife. When he gathered the remnants of the forces and tried to flee, the female gentle nudge wing again knocked him down and continued his methodical, ruthless, destructive work. Not umelisa I, a bird, no doubt, would kill brother, although she was already so tired that she was almost heavy-eyed".

But the affection of pigeons, which became spouses, often lasts for the whole twenty years of bird life. However, in city rush is that the pigeon lightly leave her husband and juveniles. At first taken aback from treason, dad is a loner then usually cope with the upbringing of the offspring.

Marriage in pigeons is associated with certain rituals. If the pigeon in response to the advances of a male, who is fussing around her - and he goiter is inflated on the importance, and the tail dragging on the ground,too, will sweep the street tail and slightly lower wings, it would mean that the courtship accepted. And if it will silently savoskul and touch the boyfriend beak - this is the same stamp in the passport.

During the mating period, it is easy to distinguish male from female very differently they behave. But at other times they are similar as two drops of water. Of course, males draklive and nachalne. However, when you need to quickly determine the sex of birds, use the advice of an experienced fanciers. If you gently pull the beak, the male will pull away the head, and the female not; if, holding the bird's wings to caress her breast, the male will pick up his feet under him, and pigeons do not. However, such tests do not give an absolute guarantee.

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