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Fat reserves, or, in other words, defects pigeon figures hidden under lush clothing: plumage in the volume of birds is more than half, and weighs only one-tenth. The need feathers flight feathers on the wings and tail feathers on the tail. But the pigeons bad would have had, had them powder feathers, the tips of which all the time crumble: powder replaced the coccygeal gland and as it lubricates the feathers. Therefore, even petroacoustic pigeons shades not flashy, and soft. If pigeons are not powder from morning till night, they were soaking wet, even under a small rain. Another curious feature: the seemingly weightless feathers are heavier than the skeleton.

Pigeons can't run fast, can't take anything his pink paw. Although on the feet, as in the bill, there are sensitive nerve endings. But their wings are great - you can overtake the swift (record our sports pigeons - 1,58 km per minute).

And did you notice how street rock doves perched choose food? The inhabitants of the rods are very comfortable goiter. It's two bags, which is the food when the stomach is already full. First left filled bag, and then right. If the dove in the dead of winter at least once a day will fill the bags - he will not die.

Goiter is good and that replaces the udder: during the fledging its walls in males and females allocate real bird's milk. In chemical composition it resembles milk rabbit, the taste is rancid butter, and mind seems to be yellow cream.

Chick props beak to the corner of the dad's or mum's nose and licks milk. On this food he grows not by days, but by hours: the day after emergence from the egg becomes heavier by half. A week later, the parents start to be added to the milk softened in the craw of grain. On the tenth day of the dove completely ceases to feed offspring with milk, but dad a few days does not dare to pull them off "from the chest".

This physiological reorganization somehow affects the psyche of birds. And isn't that why sports pigeons show the best results in competitions when their Chicks will be exactly ten days? The birds also adhere to a schedule - I prefer to vyklevyvajutsja eggs from 10 to 12 hours a day. And dove is his magical time is that they lay the first egg is always after three o'clock in the afternoon.

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