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No one knows the taste of a wandering dove, which could become a home bird. But the dish of pigeons current meat breeds are not uncommon. In the chicken the average fatness 70.8% of water, in the same carcass meat forty days of dove water 49%.

But the fat pigeon is way ahead of the inhabitants of the coop - it's six times fatter. Pigeon meat breed weigh 650-700 grams. Give them grain and about 10 grams of mineral and succulent fodder per day. Sometimes arrange a forced diet a few times a day with a syringe with a rubber tube impose pea porridge mixed with chalk and bone meal. Three days before feeding birds on the table she fed seeds of anise, fennel and juniper berries, which gives the meat a special flavor.

The meat of a young pigeon diet, melkopyatnistoy, with easily digestible proteins. Menu foreign restaurants fried and stewed pigeons are a common thing. For example, in Czechoslovakia and France in machinery enclosures hold up to one hundred thousand pigeons. These plots give tens of thousands of tons of meat per year. For a pair of pigeons during the year brings 10 - 14 Chicks.

People brought a great many breeds of pigeons - decorative, sports, meat. They look and fly differently. For example, Nicholas pigeons (Docherty) fluttering like butterflies. But if you blow away with the wind, they will not find their way home. And, of course, decorative pigeons are poor conductors. But among them are so handsome!

Meat dove a bit overweight. But ordinary city sizar, although it looks fine, shrouded solid fatty tissue. Fat depot insulates the bird spent it strictly metered. Soviet ornithologist C. R. Dolnik believes that the arrival rate in blood free fatty acids due to the season and even time of day.

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