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Adventures Of The UIF

Dear friends! Let me show you this cute dog. His name is SIF. It may be a dog, but can do all the same as humans.

Adventures Of PIF


PIF is a playful, mischievous and inventor. But he has a good heart, he never hurt the weak and will try to help in trouble, if he sees that someone is in need.

And meet other heroes of the stories of the UIF.

Adventures Of PIF

The owner of the UIF - uncle Caesar. Wife and son, and SIF, his name is simply Taunton. Wife Taunton - aunt Agatha. It often ask the mutual Fund to help her with the housework. Dudu - their son, a true friend of the UIF in his antics and pranks. It happens that he is acting up even more of the UIF, and then mutual funds are having a hard time.

Adventures Of PIF

Black cat Hercules - the bully and brawler. The UIF happen all the clashes and misunderstandings.

Nestor child neighbors of this family, and the Medora - the neighbor's bulldog.

The mutual Fund was introduced in 1945 in the pages of "l'humanite newspaper of the French Communists. And came up with and drew the UIF artist josé Cabrero Arnal. After 3 years, the mutual Fund has become the main character funny cartoon stories (usually 3-5 of the drawings, comics.




He was so fond of French guys that his name is even called the popular magazine of comics (until 1952 this magazine was called "Wayan" from FR. Vaillant - "brave"). Magazine "Bang" was very popular not only in France but in other countries, including the Soviet Union.

Most popular in the USSR mutual funds brought the stories that were published since the 50's. Among the authors of these stories - E. A. Zhukovskaya (her play "the adventures of the UIF was in children's theatres), M. Astrachan, G. Oster. Famous artist Vladimir Suteev created new illustrations, which have proven so successful that even competed with the French original. Widely known and the record mentioned in the play, in which took part the best domestic actors.

On our site you can familiarize yourself with some of the adventures of the UIF, drawn by Vladimir Steevy.

The authors of the text - that is, Zhukovskaya, G. Oster.

Adventures Of PIF
  1. Stop! Who goes there?
  2. Weaselled
  3. Who got caught?
  4. How many will fit?
  5. PIF-gardener
  6. Addition
  7. We will catch up with you
  8. Gift
  9. Where's the Dif?
  10. The swimmer out of the barn
  11. Horse dinner
  12. Loud gavgani
  13. Save the planet
  14. Street walking
  15. Who is more likely to get tired
  16. Game for girls
  17. Swing-saw
  1. Upside down
  2. Wet justice
  3. New home of the UIF
  4. Plaid jacket
  5. Free friend
  6. The moment
  7. Who is who
  8. Fried cat
  9. Breakfast baby
  10. Toy friend
  11. Delicious seeds
  12. Dream eggs
  13. Scarf for tail
  14. Skating
  15. Ice
  16. Tasteless picture
  17. The reluctant hunter
Adventures Of PIF

If you like stories about the mutual Fund offer you French comics - of course, with translation into Russian. They were published in the Soviet years in popular magazines and books.

  1. 33 short comic about the mutual Fund
  2. 44 mini-comic about the PIF and Hercules
  3. PIF and Hercules. The comics journal "Veles"
  4. PIF, Hercules and the donkey. Puzzle
  5. A collection of comics about the mutual Fund from the magazine "Science and life"
  6. Loggers (from the magazine "Young technician")
  7. The capricious weather (from the magazine "Young technician")
  8. PIF and Hercules. NAAAWWWW!
  9. The Nephew Of Hercules
  10. The comics journal "Screen - children"
  11. The magic wardrobe (book-comic)
  12. Island of a thousand tricks. Comic book
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