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Annoying thrush

Thrush tired of sitting on the branch:
- Whether to go to my neighbor?
In two steps her hole.
It's nice and warm.

The door rather open-ka
Yes to the table lead, mistress!
"Sorry, " said the Squirrel, -
I have now whitewashing.

- A visit to Bear fly!
To visit him want.
All who Bear visits,
Bear honey treats.

"Sorry, " Bear said. -
Escape to the cinema.
I was going long
In the morning go to the cinema.

- Then fly to a Hedgehog.
As he lives, I will look.
Curiosity is not a sin.
Drozd set foot on the threshold...

Hedgehog - rather dress:
- It's time for me to train.
I'm sorry, ' he added, -
I hurry to the stadium.

- Then fly to the Raccoon.
"I'm sorry, I'm at work
Says Drozd Raccoon. -
My life is full of worries.

- Well, let's go to the Grouse.
Maybe will speak with him:
He is a friendly neighbor
And an avid couch potato.

Thrush strongly knocked,
He was indignant and shouted:
- The door is probably open
And talk with me!
Hears the voice of Grouse:

"You lose time in vain!
The interlocutor I'm a bad
And, forgive me deaf.

The mole said:
Many years
I studied etiquette.

Annoying thrush

In two steps - very close.

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