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5. YUM

Mice in Paris

"Wake up, kids!
The time six o'clock in the morning.
I sleep happy
But for the case you should be taken:

Guests will come to us in the evening.
To treat until they have nothing.
Bake them a cake,
Podmate then the threshold

All utensils will be washed,
Wipe dust and buffet nekrou,
Put in place books,
Will dim sofa-bed -
Today we are cat-and-mouse
We will not be able to play.

"And you, " said the mother,"
Waiting for the cultural program.
- Go to Paris! -
Loudly shouted Papa Mouse.

We live in such a hole...
I wanted to say - hole
Which is useful sometimes
Look at the city.

Fast train in an hour
Bring in the capital of the us.
"Ah, Vive Paris!

The first thing dad Mouse
The story decided children
On a tour of the Museum.
- Said guides,
Paris - the fashion capital.

And in our village, like
Dress according to the fashion.
I immaculately dressed.
Look, isn't it?!

The kids said:
- Yes! Dad - mod anywhere!

An excellent idea
Born at the walls of the Museum
In the zoo buy tickets
Drink the juice and eat candy.

Hippo is a funny guy.
He kids grateful.
He accepts the gifts
From the kids at the zoo.

Disgruntled monkey:
- How much can you eat bananas?!
And cried Chimpanzees:
- Give us a kiss!

- My son and my daughter
There are fangs and kagetoki!
And so the Tigress
For babies not afraid.

What is there for the Maypole? -
Mouse brother asked.
- Let's get closer.
Don't shout: we are in Paris!

In the clouds Giraffe wanders.
It means he wants:
It would be good down
Look at the clouds.

Long dream mouse:
"It would be higher
That Giraffe-tower
Gently tap on the shoulder!

Where would draw such strength,
So in the arms compress the Maypole?

- Entertain us a bit,
Ahead of us the road
Sit in a cafe for an hour or so,
Cheese to eat a big piece!

Podkrutit a moustache,
Daddy Mouse took hours
And exclaimed:
- Oh my God!
We need to hurry home.

Goodbye, capital!
You will be nights to dream.
True, kids:
Someone has to live in the wilderness.

Well in my hole
And father and kids!
In honor of the special day
Gathered here are all relatives.

- Was excellent pie! -
Then he recalled the boy. -
Forget about Paris,
Just yum!

Everyone got a piece.
We put the point.

Dressed with needles dad-mouse, in that suit - even in Paris!

First thing is first, first of all (see also here).

A brand - so say about the new, just-sewn clothing.

Anywhere is good, excellent, wonderful.

Head in the clouds - to be in a dreamy state, oblivious to the surrounding.

Oh my God! - see here.

In honor of (someone, something) - in memory about something, someone;respect; respect for someone, something.

Yum - about something very tasty.

To put the point (someone, something) - to complete any case, a relationship with someone, something.

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