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The mouse on the North

The white-fronted goose flew for the winter.
Met in the South he Mouse Vole.
Goose back North in the spring -
Mouse Vole he called himself.

All curiously looked at the Mouse:
- Do not become only a piece of ice!
The mouse, without losing presence of mind,
Asks Eider little bit of fluff.

Hat knitted, coats, mittens.
Pooh surprisingly warm for poultry.
Boots Mouse with a captured.
Fortunately, her mind on it enough.

Warm lair of the White Bears
Glorious life was a curious Mouse.
North boundless she studied.
However, home was a little bored.

Mouse once admitted to the Walrus:
- Looking at You, I and cap tremble.
Chill me to the bone deep!
Walrus at this time lies, tans.

Mouse wrote Seals portrait.
Highlights were scattered sunlight.
Suddenly came the polar summer
Was the artist, not portrait.

Grew up in the tundra flowers and grass,
But spotted the Mouse Owl.
Sitting on the branch that leads to the observation,
In order for her to make the attack.

And the great fight.
The predator was, however, hard times:
In this unequal desperate battle
Mouse put the Owl on the shoulder.

Now in the Arctic autumn has arrived.
Again in the North cold was.
At night the polar gives way to day.
Walks on the tundra sad Deer...

The white-fronted goose flew for the winter.
He took fellow traveler Mouse Vole.
The guest with the orchestra of the friends watched.
And in her eyes the tears trembled.

Thanks white-fronted friend
The mouse returned to his native district.
Long County spoke about it:
- The North pole she won.

Mouse conquered the North pole

The presence of the spirit is self-control, ability to remain calm in any situation.

Fortunately - so say, when I Express appreciation for something.

To the bone (wet, to freeze; to penetrate, to Probert etc) - very, very, through

To put on (both) blade - to win a complete victory over anyone.

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