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Cancer put on a dress coat,
In it to the ball appeared to Cancer.
Tonight at the ball
Met a fish he Igloo.
Offers Cancer Needle
To work with him in the Studio.
Cancer said:
- Cutter,
Well, you Needle - seamstress.
In a sign of great respect
Accept the offer.

In the Studio hard at work:
Sewn cloak for the sperm Whale,
For Giant Squid -
The output of couple costumes.
For Shark - dress in a cage
For starfish - vest.
For the beauty of the Medusa -
Three chiffon blouses.
Flared trousers for Octopus.
Ahead of a lot of work!
Never Bay thumbs
Nor on the sea nor on land.

Tonight at the ball met the fish Cancer - Needle.

To slack - laze

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