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Were falling from the sky smeshinki:
Together geese were please shut up,
And porugivali mumps -
This means, laughed.

- Yoke-th! -frolicking horses.
- Yoke-th! - joked Echo.
Everyone laughed and Raven
Why not to laugh.

Don't want to have fun.
To one side sits one.
Just stuffed animal - not a bird!
Always gloomy it.

Flew once to her
The Bully Sparrow:
- I don't want to sit under the canopy
Near white crow!

I could buy the paint
And for a long time to change color.
Black would, as a Jackdaw,
Only I - originale!

White crow

White crow - so say about who sharply stands out among the others who are not like others.

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