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The phraseology is called stable combinations of words, figures of speech like "slack," "hang the nose", "set dressing"... a figure of speech called a phraseological unit, indivisible in the sense, that is, its value is not the sum of the values of its constituent words. It only works as a whole, the lexical unit.
Pretty good speech is undoubtedly an advantage of both adults and children. Accurate figurative expressions, such as idioms, especially enrich it. The familiarity of the child with idioms improving speaking skills, thinking, imagination. The study of idioms will help you child to instill interest in the word, the history of the native language.
To offer you and your kids dictionary of idioms the value of each of them play both literally and figuratively, in poetic form. It makes learning exciting and fun.
The author of the dictionary - Elena Lavrentieva. Drawings Sona Adalian.


  1. To run

  2. Without wasting words

  3. White crow

  4. To slack

  5. Oh my God!

  6. To take an example

  7. To throw words to the wind

  8. In two steps

  9. In ojodu

  10. In order

  11. A burden

  12. In honor of

  13. Behave

  14. Take yourself in hand

  15. Head in the clouds

  16. Build the ropes

  17. To own a

  18. Full mouth

  19. Wholeheartedly

  20. To speak in your ear

  21. Headache (about something)

  22. To give the word

  23. There is much to do

  24. Keep in a rod of iron

  25. Keep your word

  26. To the bone

  27. Except

  28. Set dressing

  29. Be poured Nightingale

  30. And it was that

  31. Young and old alike

  32. To have the tooth

  33. (Not) To face

  34. Fortunately

  35. As no hands

  36. As the wind blew

  37. Like a stone wall

  38. The balls

  39. To nod

  40. I feel sick at heart (heart)

  41. Red

  42. Buckets of it

  43. Bear on the ear

  44. Send shivers down your spine running

  45. Eyes (y)

  46. The envy

  47. The glory of the

  48. To swell as a mouse on the rump

  49. Not to believe my eyes

  50. Not to give offense to

  51. Do not place

  52. 't mind

  53. Not a wink of her eye

  54. Do not think for work

  55. Not in the slightest

  56. A single drop

  57. From (all) soul

  58. Open doors

  59. Yum

  60. The first thing

  61. To change in the face

  62. Like

  63. Hang your head

  64. Hang the nose

  65. To show teeth

  66. To put on (two) blades

  67. To be trapped

  68. The presence of the spirit

  69. The way

  70. To understand how a pig in oranges

  71. To open the mouth

  72. Sooner or later

  73. Born in a shirt

  74. A brand

  75. From the cradle

  76. Mad

  77. Eh

  78. To sit on the head

  79. Watch as the sheep at a new gate

  80. Erase in a powder

  81. An old bird

  82. Count Raven

  83. Patience is exhausted

  84. To sharpen the tooth

  85. To walk on heels

  86. Anywhere

  87. Scratching languages

  88. Run your mouth

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