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J. Perelman
"Entertaining physics". Book 2.
Chapter 8. The magnetism. Electricity


Force of the electromagnets are sometimes magicians; it is easy to imagine what stunts they do with this invisible force. Dari, the author of the famous book "Electricity in its applications, results in the following story from a French magician on the representation given to them in Algeria. To ignorant viewers focus was impressed by this witchcraft.

"On stage, " says the magician, is a small covered box with a handle on the lid. I called from the audience of a person stronger. In response to my call was made by the Arab middle height, but sturdy build, representing the Arabian Hercules. He goes with a cheerful and arrogant and somewhat mocking smile, stops next to me.

- Are you very strong? I asked him, looking around from head to toe.

"Yes, " he answered carelessly.

- Are you sure that will always remain strong?


You are wrong: in the blink of an eye I can take away your power, and you will become weak, like a small child.

The Arab smiled contemptuously in disbelief to my words.

"Come here, " I said, and lift the box. Arab bent down, picked up the box and haughtily said:

Is there anything else?

- Wait a bit, " I replied. Then, taking a serious look, I made an imperative gesture, and said in a solemn tone:

- You now weaker women. Try again to lift the box.

Man does not ostriches under my spell, again took up the box, but this time the box has a resistance and, in spite of the desperate efforts of Arab, remains motionless, as if transfixed. Arab attempts to lift the box with such force, which would be enough to lift huge weights, but all in vain. Tired, out of breath and burning with shame, he finally stops. Now he begins to believe in the power of witchcraft".

The secret of witchcraft representative of civilization" was simple. Iron the bottom of the box is placed on the stand, representing the pole of a strong magnet. While current a box to raise it's easy; but it is necessary to let the current in the coil of the electromagnet, so that the box it was impossible to take the efforts of 2-3 people.

Entertaining physics J. Perelman


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