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J. Perelman
"Entertaining physics". Book 2.
Chapter 7. Thermal phenomena


When women using fans, they certainly gets cooler. It would seem that the lesson is quite harmless to others present in the room and what the audience can only be grateful to the women for cooling the air in the room.

Let's see whether this is so. Why when obmakivanie fan we feel cool? The air, directly adjacent to our face, is heated and this warm air mask, invisible fitting our face, "warm" him, i.e., slows down further heat loss. If the air around us is immovable, then heated near the face layer of air only very slowly being squeezed up heavier unheated air. When we brush off the fan from the face of warm air mask, the face in contact with all new portions of unheated air and continuously gives them their heat, our body cools down, and we feel cool.

So, when obmakivaem fan women continuously removed from his face heated air and replace it with unheated; negresses, this air is removed in turn and replaced by a new portion of unheated, etc.

The operation of the fan accelerates the mixing of the air and promotes rapid equalization of temperature throughout the room, i.e., delivers relief to owners of fans due to the cooler air surrounding the others present. For action fans have is another factor, which we now describe.

Entertaining physics J. Perelman


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