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J. Perelman
"Entertaining physics". Book 2.
Chapter 6. Properties of liquids and gases


No one fell in the Ground deeper than 3, 3 km, and between the radius of the earth is equal to 6400 km from the center of the Earth is still a very long way. However, the inventive Jules Verne was lowered deep into the bowels of the Earth of their heroes oddball-Professor lidenbrock and his nephew Axel. In the novel "journey to the center of the Earth" he described the amazing adventures of these underground travelers. Among the surprises encountered by them under the Earth, was, incidentally, the density of the air increases. As lifting up the air razreshaetsja very fast: its density decreases exponentially, while the height of the elevation is increasing in arithmetic progression. On the contrary, when lowering down below the ocean, the air under pressure from overlying layers must become denser. Underground travelers, of course, could not fail to notice this.

Here's what a conversation between uncle is a scientist and his nephew at a depth of 12 miles (48 km) in the Earth.

"Look, that shows the gauge? "asked uncle.

- Very strong pressure.

- Now you can see that going down little by little, we are gradually getting used to the condensed air and nothing but suffer.

- Except for the pain in my ears.


"Okay, " I replied, deciding not to contradict uncle. To be in the condensed air even pleasant. Have you noticed how loudly heard in it the sound?

- Of course. In this atmosphere, even the deaf could hear.

But the air becomes denser. Will not acquire it in the end, the density of water?

- Of course, under the pressure of 770 MPa.

- And even lower?

The density will increase even more.

- How do we become then go down?

- Will fill his pockets with stones.

"Well, uncle, you all have the answer!

I became more go into the region of guesswork, because, perhaps, again, would come up with some obstacle that would have angered uncle. It was, however, obvious that under the pressure of several thousand atmospheres of air can pass into the solid state, and then, supposing even that we could bear such pressure, I have to stop. There is no dispute will not help".

Entertaining physics J. Perelman


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