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J. Perelman
"Entertaining physics". Book 2.
Chapter 6. Properties of liquids and gases


In the old days - in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries - nobles played the following instructive toy: made a mug (or jug), in the upper part of which there was a large patterned cutouts (see figure). This mug, the particular object sticking its bloated wine, offered a humble guest, over which it was possible to laugh with impunity. How to drink from it? Tip - it is impossible: the wine will flow from a multitude of through holes, and the mouth will not reach a single drop. Happens, as in the tale:

Honey, drink beer,
Yes moustache only dipped it.

But who knew the secret of devices of this workshop, the secret, which is shown in the figure to the right, he'd stick a finger hole In, took into his mouth and nose and sucked liquid, not tilting of the vessel: the wine was raised through the hole E through the channel inside the handle, then he continued With the inside top edge of the mug and reached the trunk.

Deceptive pitcher of the end of XVIII century and the secret of its devices.

Not so long ago still the same circles were made by our potters. I happened in the same house to see a sample of their work, rather cleverly hiding a secret device of the vessel; on the mug was the inscription: "Drink, but not oblast".

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