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J. Perelman
"Entertaining physics". Book 2.
Chapter 6. Properties of liquids and gases


The word "gas" is among the words invented by scientists along with such words as "thermometer", "electricity", "galvanometer", "phone" and above all "atmosphere". Of all the invented word "gas" is definitely the shortest. Old Dutch chemist and physician Gelmont, who lived from 1577 in 1644 (a contemporary of Galileo), produced a "gas" from the Greek word "chaos". Revealing that the air consists of two parts, one of which supports combustion and burns, and the remainder does not possess these properties, Gelmont wrote:

"Such pairs I called the gas, because it almost does not differ from the chaos of the ancients" (the original meaning of the word "chaos" is a shining space).

However, the new word for a long time after that was not used and was revived only famous Lavoisier in 1789, It became widespread, when everywhere are talking about the flight of the Montgolfier brothers on the first balloon.

Lomonosov in his writings used another name for gaseous bodies "elastic fluid" (which remained in use even when I was in school). Note, incidentally, that Lomonosov belongs the merit of the introduction in the Russian speech of a number of names, now become the standard words of scientific language:

the atmosphere
air pump
optics, optical
e (e) elektricheski
e (e) IDF
and other

The genius of the founder of Russian science wrote about this: "I was Forced to find words to name some physical tools, actions and natural things (i.e. words) though at first seem a little strange, but I hope that they eventually through the use of znakomye will be".

As we know, hope University are quite true.

On the contrary, the proposed subsequently Century. I. Dahl (known compiler of "Explanatory dictionary of the words to replace "" clumsy "miracolosa" or "colossamite" - did not catch on, as not caught on his "nemosem" instead of horizon and other new words.

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