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J. Perelman
"Entertaining physics". Book 2.
Chapter 4. World attraction


Look, as felt by the heroes of the novel by H. G. wells, finding himself in a world where gravity is weaker, smaller than on Earth.

These interesting pages of the novel "the First men on the moon" (Excerpt shown with minor omissions). The story is on behalf of one of the inhabitants of the Earth, who had just arrived on the moon.

"I began to Unscrew the lid of the projectile. Getting down on his knees, I leaned out of the hatch at the bottom, at the distance of three feet from my head, lay the virgin snow of the moon.

Wrapped in a blanket Cavor sat on the edge of the hatch and began to gently sisiutl feet. Slid them up to the height of profota above the ground, after he hesitated for a moment, slid down on the soil of the lunar world.

I watched him through the glass shell of the ball. After a few steps, he stood for a moment, looking around, then decided and jumped forward.

The glass distorted his movements, but it seemed to me that it was actually too big jump. Cavor immediately got me in a distance of 6-10 meters. Standing on a rock, he gave me some signs; it is possible that he was screaming, but sounds but reached me... But as he made his jump?

Puzzled, I climbed through the hatch and also went down, finding himself on the edge of difficult excavation. Step forward, I jumped.

I felt the sensation of flying, and soon found myself near the rock on which stood waiting for me Cavor; holding it, I hung in fearful amazement.

Cavor, bending down, I screamed a shrill voice, so I was careful. I forgot that the moon voltage of gravity is six times weaker than on Earth. Reality itself reminded me about it.

Carefully, keeping his movements, I climbed to the top of a cliff and stepping as if sick with rheumatism, was in the sun next to Cevora. Shell lay on our melting snowdrift, thirty feet from us,

"Look, " I said, turning to Kaworu.

But Cavor disappeared.

One moment I was standing, struck by this surprise, then, wanting to peek over the edge of the cliff, quickly stepped forward, completely forgetting that I was on the moon. The effort that I did, pushed me on one meter, if I were on the Earth, on the moon as it moved me on 6 meters, and I found myself in 5 metres from the edge of the cliff.

I have experienced the feeling of wool in space, which have to survive in a dream, when you dream that you fall into the abyss. On Earth, people, falling, falls within the first second 5 meters, on the moon, he is held in the fall in the first second of 80 centimeters. That's why I gently fluttered away down to a depth of nine meters. The fall seemed long; it lasted three seconds. I swam in the air and fell gently as a feather, Awassi knee-deep in a snow drift at the bottom of a rocky valley.

- Cavor! I cried, looking around. But nowhere but there were traces of it.

- Cavor! I cried louder.

And suddenly I saw him; he laughed and gave me signs, standing on a bare rock, twenty meters from me. I couldn't hear the words, but understood the meaning of his gesture: he invited me to jump to it.

I ranged the distance seemed too great.

But soon I realized that once Cavor made the same jump, you will probably be able to jump and me.

Stepping back a step, I jumped with all my might. Boom I jumped into the air and seemed to be in will never fall down. It was a fantastic flight, monstrous, like in a dream, but at the same time delightfully pleasant.

The jump was too strong: I flew over your head Cevora".

Entertaining physics J. Perelman


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