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J. Perelman
"Entertaining physics". Book 2.
Chapter 4. World attraction


Now we have fantasized about what it would be like if the mutual attraction between the sun and the Earth disappeared: freed from the invisible chains of gravity, the Earth rushed least in the endless expanse of the universe. Now, let's fantasize a bit on another subject: what would all earthly objects, if there was no gravity? Nothing would bind them to our planet, and at the slightest jolt they were carried away in interplanetary space. Would not have, however, to wait and push: the rotation of our planet pitched least in the space of all that is loosely related to its surface.

English writer wells took advantage of this kind of idea to describe in the novel fantastic voyage to the moon. In this work ("the First men on the moon") witty novelist indicates a very original way to travel from planet to planet. Namely, the scientist, the hero of his novel, have invented a special composition, which has a remarkable feature is the proof for gravity. If a layer of such composition to fail under some body, it will be freed from the attraction of the Earth and will be affected by the action of gravity only other phone Is a fantastic substance wells called "Cavorite" - after the name of his fictional inventor Cevora.

"We know, " writes the novelist - that of universal gravitation, that is, for gravity, all permeable body. You can put a barrier to cut off the rays of light access to objects; use metal sheets can protect the object from being accessed by electric waves of the wireless, but no obstacles but can you protect the subject from the gravity of the Sun or from force of earth's gravity. Why is actually in the nature there are no such barriers to gravity, it is difficult to say. However Cavor saw no reason, why not keep such substance, impervious to gravity; he considered himself able to artificially create such impervious to gravity substance.

Anyone with even a spark of imagination can easily imagine what extraordinary possibilities opens before us a similar substance. If, for example, it is necessary to raise the load, as vast as it was, it would be enough to spread underneath the sheet of the substance, and the load can be raised though a straw".

Having such a wonderful substance, the hero of the novel construct a heavenly ship, which make a bold mission to the moon. The device of the projectile is very simple: it has no propulsion mechanism as it is moved by the action of the attraction of the stars.

Here is a description of this fantastic projectile:

"Imagine a spherical shell, spacious enough to accommodate two people and their Luggage. The projectile will have two membranes, the inner and outer; inner made of thick glass, exterior steel. You can take a supply of condensed air, concentrated food, distilling water, etc., the Steel ball will be the entire outside is covered with a layer of Cavorite". Inner glass shell is solid, except for the hatch; steel will consist of separate parts, and each part can be turned off, as a curtain. It is easy to arrange by special springs, curtains can be lowered and to minimize electrical shock, carried out on a platinum wire in a glass shell. But it's technical details. Importantly, the outer casing of the projectile will all be composed of Windows and severity curtains. When all the curtains tightly drawn, inside the ball cannot penetrate nor light, nor any General form of radiant energy, nor the force of gravity. But imagine that one of the curtains raised, then any massive body, which happens to be far against the window, draws us to himself. Practically, we will be able to travel in the world in the direction of what we want, we attract one another heavenly body."

Entertaining physics J. Perelman


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