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J. Perelman
"Entertaining physics". Book 2.
Chapter 3. Circular motion


His famous problem of how to put egg, Columbus decided too just: broke his shell*. This decision, in fact, incorrect: adamiv shell eggs, Columbus changed its shape and, therefore, not put the egg, and another body; after all, the essence of the problem in the form of eggs: changing the form, we replace the egg in another body. Columbus made the decision not to that body for which it is sought.

Meanwhile, you can solve the problem of the great Navigator, without changing the shape of the eggs, if you use the top; it is sufficient only to bring the egg in a rotational movement around its long axis, and it will not occupy a considerable area to stand some time to blunt or even at the sharp end. How to do it - shows picture: egg impart rotational movement of the fingers. Subtracting both hands, you will see that the egg continues for some more time to rotate upright: the problem is solved.

Solution Columbian objectives: the egg rotates, standing on end.

For experience you should certainly take boiled eggs. This restriction does not contradict the condition Columbian objectives: offering it, Columbus took the egg immediately from the table and to the table, presumably, filed were not raw eggs. You are unlikely to get upright spin a raw egg, because the internal liquid mass is in this case brake. This, incidentally, is a simple way to distinguish raw eggs from hard-boiled reception, known to many Housewives.


* It should be noted, however, that the popular legend of the Columbian egg has no historical soil. Rumor has attributed the famous Explorer that was made much earlier by another person and for a completely different reason - namely Italian architect Brunelleschi (1377-1446), the Builder of the great dome of Florence Cathedral (My dome will stand as reliably as keeps the egg on its pointy end!").

Entertaining physics J. Perelman


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