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J. Perelman
"Entertaining physics". Book 2.
Chapter 1. The basic laws of mechanics


The famous English writer H.G. wells is a fantastic story about how a clerk worked wonders. Very near the young man was destined by the owner of the amazing gift: he had only to Express any wish, and it was immediately fulfilled. However tempting gift, as it turned out, not delivered to its owner or to others is nothing but trouble. A good lesson for us the end of this story.

After a long night of drinking clerk-wizard, fearing to come home at dawn, decided to use his gift to prolong the night. How to do it? You must tell the luminaries of the sky to suspend its run. The clerk was not immediately taken such an extraordinary feat, and when a friend advised him to stop the moon, he carefully looking at her, said her thoughts:

"I think she's too far... what do you think?

- But why not try? insisted madig (the so-called friend. - J. P.). - It is, of course, won't stop, you just stop the rotation of the Earth. I hope it will not hurt anyone!

"Hmm, " said Fotheringhay (the clerk. - J. P.), - Well, I'll try. Well...

He was in a commanding pose, arms out over the world and said solemnly:

Earth, stop! Stop spinning!

No sooner had he finished these words, as friends flew in space at the rate of several dozen miles a minute.

Despite this, he continued to think. Less than a second he had time to think and Express yourself the following wish:

- Whatever happens, let me be alive and unharmed!

It is impossible not to admit that the wish was made on time. Another few seconds and he fell on some svezhevzbitye the ground and around him, not giving him any harm, raced stones, fragments of buildings, metal objects of various kinds; flew and some poor cow, crashed when hitting the ground. The wind blew with great force; he could not even lift his head to look around.

- Boggling, " he exclaimed in a faint voice. - What happened? Storm? I must have something wrong did.

Looking around as she let him wind and razvivavsheesya the tails of his jacket, he continued:

In heaven, everything seems in order. Here and the Moon. Well, everything else... Where is the city? Where houses and streets? Where did the wind? I was not ordered to be wind.

Fotheringhay tried to stand on his feet, but it was quite impossible, and because he was moving forward on all fours, holding on to the rocks and ledges soil. To go, however, was nowhere to go, since as far as could be seen from under the folds of his jacket, thrown by the wind on the head of a reptile wizard, everything represented one picture of destruction.

- Something in the Universe is seriously wrong, he thought, and what is unknown.

Indeed, spoiled. No houses, no trees, nor any living beings - nothing to be seen. Only shapeless ruins Yes heterogeneous debris lying around, barely visible among a storm of dust.

The culprit didn't understand all this, of course, what's the matter. Meanwhile, it was explained. Stopping the Earth at once, Fotheringhay't thought about inertia, but she's with the sudden stop of the circular motion inevitably had to reset with the surface of the Earth everything on it. That is why the houses, people, trees, animals, everything, that not only was inextricably linked with the main mass of the globe, flew along the tangent to its surface with the speed of a bullet. And then it all again fell to the Ground, shattering.

Fotheringhay realized that a miracle, they are perfect, not particularly well. But because he was seized with a deep aversion to all kinds of miracles, and he vowed not to do them anymore. But first it was necessary to correct the evil which he has done. The trouble this has been considerable. Storm'd get mad, dust clouds had covered the moon, and in the distance was heard the noise of the approaching water; Fotheringhay seen in the light of the lightning the whole water wall, with frightening speed podnyavsheesya to the place where he lay. He became resolute.

- Stop! cried he, turning towards the water. - Not a step further!

Then he repeated the same instructions to thunder, lightning and wind.

All was still. Squatting, he thought.

- As it again not to make any mess, he thought, and then said: - first, when will all that I will command you, let me lose the ability to perform miracles and be exactly the same as ordinary people. No need of miracles. Too dangerous toy. And secondly, let all will be as before: the same city, the same people, the same house, and I am just the same, what was then".

Entertaining physics J. Perelman


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