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J. Perelman
"Entertaining physics". Book 2.
Chapter 10. Sound. Wave motion


In the Soviet film "the New Gulliver" midgets speak in a high voice corresponding to the small size of their larynx, and the giant - Joe - in a low voice. When shooting spoke for midgets adult actors, and Peter played the child; how it was achieved the desired change in tone of voice? I was quite surprised when the Director Ptushko told me that the contractor was speaking at the shooting of their natural voices; the change in tone was achieved in the process of shooting the original technique based on the physical characteristics of sound.

To make the voices of midgets high, and the voice of Gulliver low, the film recorded the voices of the actors who played midgets in slow motion tape, the voice Petit, on the contrary, under the fast track its movement. On the screen the picture is projected at normal speed. It is easy to understand what has caused this to happen. Voice midgets are perceived by the listener when a fast against the normal alternation of sound vibrations, the tone should be increased. The voice Petit, on the contrary, is perceived by slow rotation fluctuations and, therefore, must fall in the top. In the end, the dwarves in "the New Gulliver" said the voice on the fifth above the normal voice of an adult, and he Gulliver - Joe - fifth below the normal tone.

So a kind used was loupe time" for sound. This phenomenon is often observed when the gramophone record is played at a speed greater or less than the speed record (78 rpm or 33 rpm).

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