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J. Perelman
"Entertaining physics". Book 2.
Chapter 10. Sound. Wave motion


Transfer news via beeps and now spread the primitive inhabitants of Africa, Central America and Polynesia. Primitive tribes used for this purpose special drums, with which transmit sound signals to a long distance: conditional signal heard in one place, is repeated in another, transmitted in the same way then, and in a short time a vast area shall be notified of any important event).

A native of the Fiji Islands, negotiating with a drum "Telegraph".

During the first war Italy C. Abyssinia all movement of Italian troops quickly became known to the Negus Menelik; the fact it was bewildering Italian headquarters, unaware of the existence of the enemy drum Telegraph.

At the beginning of the second war with Italy and Abyssinia likewise was published published in Addis Ababa the order for General mobilization: after a few hours he became known in the most remote villages of the country.

The same was observed during the Anglo-Boer war: because of the "Telegraph" Kaprow all military news with extraordinary rapidity spread among the inhabitants of Capland, several days ahead of the official reports through couriers.

According to the testimony of travellers (Leo Frobenius, the system beeps developed in some African tribes so well that they can be considered the owners of the Telegraph, more perfect than the optical Telegraph Europeans prior to electric.

Here is what was reported about it in a magazine. P. Haselden, archaeologist of the British Museum, was in the city of Ibad, located in the heart of Nigeria. Constant dull drumbeat continuously buzzing day and night. One morning the scientist heard that black something animatedly talking. His questions one Sergeant said, "a Big ship white people were drowned; many whites were killed". Such was the news reported on the drum language of the coast. Scientist have not given this hearing any difference. However, three days later he received late (due to a break message) a telegram about the death of the "Lusitania". Then he realized that the Negro news was true and that it "rocked" drum language through all the land from Cairo to the Ibad. It was all the more surprising that the tribes that submitted to each other this message, speak completely different dialects, and some of them at this time were at war with each other.

Entertaining physics J. Perelman


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