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J. Perelman
"Entertaining physics". Book 2.
Chapter 9. Reflection and refraction of light. Vision


Picturesquely describes the shift light shades under water American biologist Bib.

"We plunged into the bathysphere into the water, and the sudden transition from Golden-yellow in the world green was unexpected. After the foam and bubbles are gone from the Windows, we were flooded with green light; our faces, cylinders, even wycinanie walls were painted them. Meanwhile, from the deck seemed to be that we are immersed in a dark ultramarine.

The first immersion deprives eyes warm* (i.e. red and orange rays of the spectrum. Red and orange colors as though they had never existed, and soon yellow tones were absorbed solenimi. Although joyous warm rays make up only a small part of the visible spectrum, but when they disappear at a depth of 30 or more meters, only cold, darkness and death.

As we descended gradually disappeared and green tones; at a depth of 60 meters and it was impossible to tell whether the water is greenish-blue or blue-green.

At a depth of 180 meters all seemed to be painted with thick, shining blue light. There is so little was force lighting to read and write became impossible.

At the depth of 300 meters, I tried to determine the color of water is blue-black, dark grey blue. It is strange that, when the blue color disappears, it does not brings purple - last in the visible spectrum: he, apparently, already absorbed. The last hint of blue becomes indefinable grey, and grey, in turn, in black. Starting from this level, the sun is defeated, and color banished forever, until you penetrate here man and will not penetrate the electric beam that for billions of years, there was absolute darkness.

On the dark deep, the same researcher writes in another place the following:

"Darkness at a depth of 750 meters seemed blacker than you can imagine - and yet now (at a depth of about 1000 meters) it seemed blacker than black. It seemed that all the coming night in the upper world will be perceived only as a relative degree of twilight. And never could I use the word "black" with a firm conviction".

* Here the word "warm" is used in the sense which attaches to this word artists, describing the shades of colors: warm they call red and orange, as opposed to "cold" blue and blue.

Entertaining physics J. Perelman


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