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J. Perelman
"Entertaining physics". Book 2.
Chapter 1. The basic laws of mechanics


Approx. Ed. Today, when automatic spacecraft already fly to the nearest planets, delivered to Earth samples of lunar soil, when satellites are launched almost every day and people have already stepped onto the moon's surface, agitation Y. I. Perelman for interplanetary flights may seem naive young reader, all conscious life (and maybe all life) has passed after the occurrence of the in 1957 the space age. But we leave in the book, this section, as having historical interest - Y. I. Perelman was one of the most tireless advocates of space flight.

What could be more tempting than to leave earth and travel across the vast universe, to fly from the Earth to the moon, from planet to planet? How many fantasy novels written on this topic! Who not only carried us into the imaginary journey through the celestial bodies! Voltaire in "Micromegas", Jules Verne "Journey to the moon" and "Hector Servadac", wells in "the First men on the moon" and many of their followers did an interesting journey to the heavenly bodies, of course, in my dreams.

Is there no possibility to carry out this long-standing dream? Really ingenious projects, with such tempting credibility depicted in the novels, in fact unenforceable? In the future we will continue to talk about the fantastic projects interplanetary travel; now let's get acquainted with the real project of such flights, first proposed by our compatriot K. E. Tsiolkovsky.

Is it possible to fly to the moon on the plane? Of course not: airplanes and airships move only because rely on the air, push away from him, and between the earth and the Moon there is no air. In the world there is no sufficiently dense environment, which could rely on "interplanetary airship". That means we need to invent such a device, which was able to move and be controlled, no leaning.

We are already familiar with such a projectile in the form of toys - rocket. Why not arrange a huge rocket, with a special room for people, food supplies, tanks and all the rest? Imagine that the people in the rocket carrying a large amount of combustible materials and can direct the expiration of explosive gases in any direction. You'll get a real managed heavenly ship, where you can swim in the ocean world, to go to the moon, planets... Passengers will be able, by controlling the explosions, to increase the speed of this interplanetary airship with the necessary continuity to the increased speed was harmless. When you desire to go to any planet they will be able to turn your ship, gradually reduce the speed of the projectile in order to ease the fall. Finally, passengers will be able in the same way to return to Earth.

The project interplanetary airship, arranged like a rocket.

Remember how recently did their first timid conquest aviation. And now the planes already fly high in the air, fly over mountains, deserts, continents, oceans. Maybe "zvezdoplavaniya" have the same lush flowering after two or three decades? Then people will break the invisible chains, so long held him to her home planet, and rush into the infinite expanse of the universe.

Entertaining physics J. Perelman


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