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J. Perelman
"Entertaining physics". Book 2.
Chapter 9. Reflection and refraction of light. Vision


People have adopted the inventive nature of this useful art to make his body invisible, to blend in with the background. Variegated colors of the brilliant uniforms of former times, gave the picturesqueness of battle paintings, forever relegated to the past: they were replaced by the familiar, solid banderulka protective color. Steel gray color modern military courts - too protective color, making the court malorazlichimymi against the sea.

This also applies to so-called "tactical"camouflage military camouflage separate items fortifications, guns, tanks, ships, artificial fog, and similar measures of the introduction of the enemy in confusion. Camouflage camp special networks, in which cells woven grass; men wear robes with bunches of mocali, painted in the color of grass, etc.

Widely used protective color and masking in modern military aviation.

The aircraft, painted in brown, dark green and purple (matching the colors of the earth), when viewed from the top plane becomes difficult to discern from the background of the earth's surface.

Masking the lower surfaces of the aircraft from ground observations made by painting them the color that matches the background of the sky: light blue, light pink and white. Paint this is located on the surface of the aircraft in small patches. At the height of 740 m these colors merge into undistinguished background. At an altitude of 3000 m, the aircraft having such masking, become invisible. The bombers intended for raids at night, painted in black color.

Protective color, suitable for any situation, would be a mirror surface reflecting the background. The subject with such a surface automatically takes the look and color of the environment; to detect its presence from a distance it is almost impossible. The Germans during the first world war, he applied this principle to zeppelins: the surface of many of the zeppelins was shiny aluminum, reflecting the sky and clouds; to see such a Zeppelin in flight is very difficult, if it does not produce the noise of the motor.

So are carried out in nature and military vehicles dreams folk tales about the cap of invisibility.


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