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J. Perelman
"Entertaining physics". Book 2.
Chapter 9. Reflection and refraction of light. Vision


The grey antiquity has left us a legend about the wonderful hat, which makes it invisible to everyone who will put on. Pushkin, reviving in "Ruslan and Lyudmila" ancient legends, gave a classic description of the magical properties of the cap of darkness:

And the maiden came to mind,
In the excitement wayward thoughts,
Try on the hat Chernomor...
Lyudmila hat whirled;
On eyebrow, right, sideways,
And backwards allotment.
And what of that? Oh, the wonder of the old days!
Ludmila in the mirror was gone;
Turned in front of her
Lyudmila still stood;
Ago put on - again none;
They took off in the mirror! "Great!
The good, the sorcerer! Welcome, my light!
Now I am here safely"...

The ability to become invisible was the only protection for captive Ludmila. Under the safe cover of invisibility she escapes the watchful eyes of their guards. About the presence of the unseen captive could only guess by her actions:

Everywhere vsechasno noticed
Her minute traces:
The Golden fruits
On a noisy branches disappeared,
The key drops of water
The meadow was battered updale:
Then probably in the castle knew
What drinks Ile eats the Princess...
Barely thinned night haze, -
Lyudmila to the waterfall was
Wash cold jet.
Himself Karl morning sometimes
Once saw of chambers,
As under the invisible hand
Splashed and splashed the waterfall.

Already implemented many tempting dreams of the past; not a little fairy magic became the domain of science. Prosurvival mountains, captured lightning, flying carpets-aircraft... is it possible to invent and "cap of invisibility", i.e. to find a way to make yourself completely invisible? We 'll talk some more.

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