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J. Perelman
"Entertaining physics". Book 2.
Chapter 1. The basic laws of mechanics


Witty French writer of the seventeenth century Cyrano de Bergerac in his satirical "the History of States on the moon" (1652) says, among other things, such as if the incident with him an amazing case. Doing physical experiments, he inexplicably was raised together with his bottle high in the air. When after a few hours he managed to descend again to the earth, then, to the amazement, he found himself he is not in his native France and even in Europe, and on the mainland of North America, in Canada! His unexpected flight across the Atlantic ocean, the French writer, however, finds it quite natural. He explains that, while the unwitting traveler was separated from the earth's surface, the planet is our continued continue to rotate to the East; that is why, when he sank under his feet instead of France was already the continent of America.

Seemingly, the cheapest and easiest way to travel! One has only to rise over the Earth and to survive in the air for even a few minutes to Fall already in an entirely different place, far To the West. Instead of undertaking the tedious journey across continents and oceans, you can still hang above the Ground and wait until she fills in the traveler destination.

Can balloon to see how spinning globe?
(The scale in the figure is not met).

Unfortunately, the amazing way this is nothing more than fantasy. First, once in the air, we, in essence, are not separated from the world: we remain linked to its gaseous envelope, hanging in the atmosphere, which are involved in the rotation of the Earth around its axis. The air (or rather, its lower more dense layers) rotates with the Earth, carrying with them all that is in it: clouds, airplanes, all flying birds, insects, etc. If the air did not participate in the rotation of the globe, then, standing on the Earth, we constantly felt like the strongest wind, compared with which the most terrible hurricane would seem gentle breath*). As a matter of: do we stand on the place, and the air is moving past us, or, on the contrary, the air is stationary and we move in it; in both cases, we feel equally strong wind. The motorcyclist, moving with a speed of 100 km per hour, feels the strong headwind, even in very calm weather.

This is a first. Secondly, even if we could rise to the upper layers of the atmosphere, or if the Earth was not surrounded by air, and we then would not have been able to take advantage of the cheapest way to travel, which was fantasized French satirist. In fact, separating from the surface of the rotating Earth, we continue by inertia to move with the same speed, i.e. with the same, what moves the Earth beneath us. When we again go down, we find ourselves in the same place from which it had separated, it's like jumping in the car of a moving train, we fall back in place. However, we will move by inertia straight (tangent), and the Earth beneath us - arc; but for small periods of time it does not matter.

* The speed of the hurricane - 40 m per second - 144 km per hour. Earthly ball on the latitude, for example, Leningrad bring us through the air with a speed of 230 m / s - 828 km per hour!

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