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J. Perelman
"Entertaining physics". Book 2.
Chapter 8. The magnetism. Electricity


Have you ever been in a storm to watch the picture of a bustling city streets with the brief flashes of lightning? Of course, you noticed one strange feature: the street, only that the entire movement seems to be in these moments frozen. The horse stopped in stress positions, holding his legs in the air; the crews also fixed: clearly, every spoke of the wheel...

The reason for the apparent stillness is negligible length zipper. Lightning, like any electrical spark that lasts for an extremely short period of time so small that it cannot even be measured by conventional means. Using indirect techniques were able, however, to establish that the zipper sometimes lasts only a few milliseconds *. For such short periods of time, little time to move in prominent manner. Not surprisingly, the street full of various movements, represented by the light of lightning completely immobile because we see in it something that lasts a few milliseconds! Every spoke in the wheels of fast-moving crew manages to move only a tiny fraction of a millimeter; to the eye it's like a complete stillness.

* There are also more long lightning to hundredths and tenths of a second. There are also multiple lightning - dozens of lightning, following one after another on the way (channel), "broken" the first category; the total duration of such multiple lightning sometimes reaches 1.5 seconds. (Approx. as amended).

Entertaining physics J. Perelman


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