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J. Perelman
"Entertaining physics". Book 2.
Chapter 8. The magnetism. Electricity


Popularity among the seekers of the eternal engine has received in recent times the idea of connecting the Dynamo with the motor. Every year I receive almost half a dozen such projects. They all boil down to the following. Should the pulleys of the motor and Dynamo to connect a drive belt, and the wires from the Dynamo to get to the motor. If the Dynamo to give the initial impetus, the generated current by the motor, will it in motion; the energy of motion of the motor is transmitted by a belt pulley Dynamo and bring it into motion. So, I guess the inventors, the machine will move one another, and the movement that will never cease until both machines will not wear out.

This idea seems inventors extremely tempting; however, those who tried to put into practice, were surprised to find that neither of the two machines under these conditions does not work. Nothing else from this project and expect not followed. Even if each of the connected machines had one hundred percent efficiency, we could make them this way non-stop to move only in the complete absence of friction. The connection of the mentioned machines ("unit", in the language of engineers) represents in fact one machine which must itself set in motion. In the absence of friction aggregate, and any pulley would move forever, but benefit from such movement could not remove no: it would make the "engine" to do external work, and he immediately stopped. Before us it would be "perpetual motion", but not a perpetual motion machine. If friction unit did not move at all.

It is strange that people are fascinated by this idea, I can't think of a simpler implementation of the same idea: to combine the two belt any pulley and tavertet one of them. According to the same logic as in the case of the previous combination of machine, we should expect that the first pulley will result in rotation of the second and from the second will spin first. You can do one pulley: Zaventem it is the right part will captivate the rotation of the left, left at the traffic will support the rotation of the right. In the last two cases, the absurdity is too obvious, and because such projects nobody inspire. But, essentially, all three described "perpetual motion" come from the same delusion.

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