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J. Perelman
"Entertaining physics". Book 1.
Chapter 8. Reflection and refraction of light


“Of course, of themselves, will meet many of our image in the mirror is an accurate copy of the us, similar to us in every detail”.

Perhaps, however, to see this similarity? You on the right cheek mole - your twin right cheek is clean, but on the left cheek there is a spot you on the cheek. You sucesivamente hair to the right , your double combs their left. You have a right eyebrow higher and thicker left; he, on the contrary, this eyebrow less than the left. You wear the watch in the pocket of his vest, and a notebook in the left pocket of the jacket; your mirror twin has different habits: his notebook is stored in the right pocket of his jacket, clock - in the left-hand waistcoat. Note the dial of his watch. You have such hours never happened: the location and style of the numbers on them extraordinary; for example, figure eight drawn, as it is nowhere portrayed - IIX, and placed on the place of twelve; twelve not quite; after six should be five, and so on; also, move the hands on the clock of your double back to normal.

Such a watch has in itself a double, which you see in the mirror.

Finally, your mirror double has a physical disadvantage, from which you need to think free: he is left-handed. He writes, sews, eats with his left hand, and if you Express the readiness with him to say Hello, he will give you his left hand.

It is not easy to solve, competent is your double. Anyway, competent as something special. Unlikely you read just one line from the book, which he holds, or any word in those scratches, which he brings his left hand.

This is the man who claims to be a complete similarity with you! And you want to judge him about the appearance of you...

Jokes aside: if you think that looking in the mirror, see yourself, you are mistaken. The face, torso and clothes most people are not strictly symmetrical (although we usually do not notice): the right half is not quite similar with the left. In the mirror all the features right half pass to the left, and Vice versa, so we have before us is the figure often produces quite a different impression than our own.

Entertaining physics J. Perelman


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