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J. Perelman
"Entertaining physics". Book 1.
Chapter 8. Reflection and refraction of light


Here's another proof of lack of acquaintance with our ordinary mirror: raised in the title of the question most of the answers wrong, though everything I look in the mirror every day.

Those who are convinced that the mirror you can see, are wrong. Nice clean mirror of the invisible. You can see the frame of the mirror, the edges of the objects, it is reflected, but the mirror unless it is contaminated, cannot see. Every reflecting surface, in contrast to surface scattering , itself invisible. (The scattering is called this surface, which scatters the light rays in various directions. In the hostel we call reflective surface polished, and the scattering - Matt.)

All the tricks, tricks and illusions, based on the use of mirrors, at least, for example, described the experience with the head, is based on the fact that the mirror itself is invisible, and visible only reflected in it subjects.

Entertaining physics J. Perelman


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