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J. Perelman
"Entertaining physics". Book 1.
Chapter 8. Reflection and refraction of light


“Miracle” is often found in traveling across the province “museums” and “panoptikum”. The uninitiated it is positively staggering: you see before you is a small table with a plate, and the plate is... a living human head, moving eyes, speaks, eats! Under the table to hide the torso as though nowhere. Although close to the table, " you are separated from him, barrier, yet you can clearly see what is under the table nothing.

When you have to witness such a “miracle”, try to throw in the empty space under the table crumpled paper. The mystery cleared up immediately: the paper will bounce off... mirrors! If it will not reach to the table, it will detect the existence of a mirror, as it appears its reflection.

The secret of “severed” head

Enough to put a mirror between the legs of the table so that the space beneath it seemed from afar empty, of course, is only if the mirror is not affected by the setting of the room or the audience. That's why the room should be empty, the walls are exactly the same, the floor is painted in a uniform color, no patterns, and the public is kept away from the mirror at a sufficient distance.

The secret is simple to the ridiculous, but until you know what it is, right (laughs).

Sometimes the focus is heralded even more effective. The magician shows the first empty table: neither under nor over him nothing. Then brought from the stage sealed box, where if is the living head without the body” (in fact, the box is empty). The magician puts the box on the table, throwing the front wall, and astonished the audience seems to be speaking a human head. The reader has probably already guessed that the top Board of the Desk has a hinged part that covers the hole through which sitting under the table, behind the mirrors, pokes his head when put on the table an empty box without a bottom. Focus alter and on the other way, but to list all the options here we will not; seeing, the reader will solve them himself.

Entertaining physics J. Perelman


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